Friday, July 22, 2011

Work Visit

I had my 2 favorite people visit me at work this afternoon, and it made this Friday 100% better. Not that it was a bad day, I was just VERY tired because I stayed up too late last night hanging out with friends on girls night. :-) But Chris was headed to Bentonville to go over something with his grandfather, and him and Sara Kate stopped by my office on the way. Yea!! During their visit, Sara Kate was so tired that while I was holding her she was almost falling asleep on my shoulder. I decided to keep her at work, figuring she would fall asleep, and Chris could go to grandpa's and do their practice without worrying about an overtired and fussy baby (the get together involved the piano, which is why I thought Sara Kate should stay with me and nap). She fell asleep in my lap and stayed like that for the last hour and a half of my day. I was able to work on a giant spreadsheet report that has been driving me crazy, but my sweet baby in my lap made it all better.
Right about 4:30, she woke up! Perfect because it was time to go home!
She's been great all evening. She ate a whole piece of pizza for dinner (can you believe that?!?), we played outside with Meme and Poppa, we shared some ice cream while watching 'Whale Wars,' and we played blocks. But I just put her to bed and she's running a fever. :-( Not sure if it's her teeth or if she picked up my cold I got last week (and so lovingly shared with Chris...although neither of us has had fever). Hopefully she wakes up in the morning happy and feeling better because tomorrow is a certain daddy's birthday (that would be Sara Kate's daddy!)! :-) Happy weekend! And an early happy birthday to Chris!!

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