Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Day for a Big Girl!

Today was a big day for Sara Kate at school today!
She moved up to the next classroom so she's in the Frog room now! She's gone from a tadpole, to a pollywog, and now a frog. Her next move will be out of the baby section...wow, that makes me sad to think about! I talked to her teachers when I picked her up and learned a few things about her new room. They gave me a bag with her bottles because they strictly use cups (in her previous room she was using a cup at breakfast and lunch but they still gave milk in bottles). Another thing I learned about her new room is they transition from 2 naps a day down to 1 nap a day, and nap time is between 12 and 2. They also stop the swaddle (yes, crazy to think she still gets swaddled for naps, but she has for naps only and it's worked like a charm!). The next thing I talked to her teachers about was meal time. I have been taking her breakfast and lunch every day, even though they serve lunch and have a weekly lunch menu. They said all the kids in that room except 1 little boy eat the lunch menu so I am thinking once Sara Kate starts going back to school full time in August maybe we'll try her eating off the lunch menu. She can be so particular sometimes and I wouldn't want her to not eat what they are having and then be fussy because she's hungry. But sometimes she's not particular at all. Maybe eating lunch at school and the variety they offer will help her 'open her mind.' Ha! The last thing I learned about her new room is they have a more defined 'schedule' like big kids, and it involves snack time, work sheet time, arts & craft time, outside play time, hall time, and circle time, all broken down by times. Such a big girl schedule! Sara Kate has been with the same 2 teachers, Miss Alison and Miss Betty, in each room she's moved to. They told me today that she started with them and she will end with them. We love the 2 of them, and I'm so glad they've moved with her class. We will definitely be sad to leave them when she moves to the next room.
Even though she moved to the next class today, she didn't have a very good day (which is unusual because she's normally great). Miss Betty's comment was, 'Thursday will be better.' Ouch!! :-) She did say that it was a chaotic day for everyone since they were moving kids around and stuff like that. It started off bad for her when I dropped her off...she was happy as I carried her to her classroom, she handed her teachers her lunch box, and then she clung onto my neck like a monkey. She would not let go and did not want me to put her down or let her teacher take her. But I had to leave so I passed her off and she cried sooo hard...I could hear her crying all the way out the door. Breaks my heart!! After lunch, Sara Kate crashed for nap time but then she woke up confused about where she was and she started screaming, which woke up some other kids. Once again, ouch!! She had cuddle time with Miss Alison, which made everything better. The other not so good thing about her day was that she got bitten on the arm by another kid!! They said Sara Kate was playing with toys and another kid tried to come up and take her toy and then bit her. Sara Kate was in no way at fault but it did scare/hurt her and that resulted in more cuddle time with Miss Alison. I had to sign an accident report, and I got all the information about what happened. I know kids go through phases like biting, but I REALLY hope that Sara Kate doesn't go through the biting phase!! So that was her day. Exciting and frightening all together. We still are very happy with her school. She's obviously thriving and learning, and her teachers just love her...even teachers from other class rooms in the building tell me how cute and funny she is. Hopefully they will still think she's cute and funny when she's in their class. Ha! My baby girl is growing up!

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