Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our 4th Weekend

We had a somewhat relaxing weekend with not much on the agenda. It's been the first time in a while with no real weekend plans. The only plan I made was for Sara Kate, my mother-in-law Sharon, and myself to go to Berryville to see Jenny and her family. Chris couldn't go because of some church obligations. We got to Berryville and hung out for a bit, Jason grilled burgers, and the girls played. Hannah is always saying she wants Sara Kate to come to her house so she was excited we came...except she didn't understand why Uncle Chris couldn't come. :-( This picture cracks me up...block in mouth and finger in nose. Classic kids, ha!
Hannah was very excited because we were going to the river after lunch to swim. In fact, as soon as we were done eating she changed clothes. We kept telling her we had to wait a few more minutes but she was ready to go!! Jenny and Jason live nears the Kings River and have access to a private area so it was just us and another family when we got down there. Not bad.
Minus the fact that it was about nap time, Sara Kate had a great time. She tried to eat a few rocks while I was trying to put sunscreen on her, and once she got in the water she liked throwing the rocks into the water and seeing them splash.
Then she attempted to swim off...Uncle Jason put a stop to that! And yes she got a mouth full of river water, lovely.
I carried her out and we swam around for a while. She had a great time. Hayden chilled in his floaty and Hannah swam around too, but only where she could touch. She was very adamant about that!
After swimming for about an hour, we hung out for a bit more and had some drinks before heading back to the house.
When we got back, Jenny put Hayden in Sara Kate's seat and they look the same size! They aren't, but Hayden is a giant baby! :-)
Love those beautiful blue eyes!!
The kids were tired but Sara Kate got a burst of energy and decided to show off her walking skills! She walked all over their house, all while eating her goldfish.
Isn't my chunk of a nephew the cutest?!
We left about 6 and headed back to Fayetteville. We had a great time and appreciate Jenny and Jason letting us come invade their house for the day!

Sunday we didn't have any plans except church, but we ended up making some last minute plans to go to Bentonville to Chris' grandpa's for dinner. That's where these most adorable pictures came from! At least I think so. :-)
Sara Kate demonstrated her walking skills all over great-grandpa's house and even outside!
Chris grilled a lovely dinner and we enjoyed some lovely company before heading home.
I have to add that Sharon made Sara Kate's adorable dress (thanks again!). It's reversible with the same fabric in blue on the other side. Love it! Sara Kate has such a talented Meme!

We had absolutely NO plans on the actual 4th of July. We had a little rain come through Monday morning, which deterred Chris' plans to smoke some ribs. We made a run to Target, Sam's, and the grocery store, and hung out at home the rest of the day. Sara Kate wore her other adorable 4th of July outfit that I purchased at the Rhea Lana sale this spring. I had to take her outside and snap a few pictures of her wearing it. She was very serious when I was trying to take these pictures but still cute. I even won a gift card to Rhea Lana's next sale for posting a picture on their facebook page (the first picture is the one I posted on their page). Yay!

The dogs were running around panting and she started imitating cute.
Once again, love those baby blues!!
We didn't go out and watch any of the big firework shows in town because of the time of them and the time of Sara Kate's bedtime...and knowing how she can melt down at night when she gets really tired! :-) But we did go outside each night and watch fireworks going off around our neighborhood. Overall, we had a great weekend spent doing alot of nothing! And yay for a 3-day weekend, which means a short work week! :-)

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  1. Looks like a great holiday weekend! I love the family picture with the flag in the back. I wanted to do this too, but I forgot! Have a great weekend!