Saturday, July 9, 2011

15 months

Sara Kate, you are 15 months old! What have you been up to?
(It's getting harder and harder to take your monthly picture! You don't want to sit still in your rocker!)
- The big change in you this month from last month is that you are now WALKING!!! You are such a big girl, and we are so proud of you!! You still crawl and crab walk but you've become more and more comfortable walking over the last couple of weeks!

- Starting in June, you started going to school part time, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's been good for you to stay in the routine of school, but it's made our separation anxiety a little worse on the days I drop you off. You cling onto my neck like a little monkey and cry every day when I leave. But your teachers love you and do a good job of redirecting you away from me leaving.
- Your school schedule looks a little something like this: you get dropped off around 7:15, you have breakfast around 8 (lately it's been yogurt and a poptart or a breakfast bar) and you get milk with your breakfast (or they try to give it to you), you go down for a nap between 9 and 10, you have lunch between 11 and 12 (lately it's been half a turkey and cheese sandwich and a fruit) and you get milk and/or water with your lunch, you take a nap between 1 and 3, you have water or milk after you nap (and sometimes you have a snack of veggie straws or cheerios), and you get picked up between 4:30 and 5.
- Because you are only going to school part time right now and you won't drink whole milk at home, you've stopped drinking it at school. You like other dairy products, like yogurt, cheese, and ice cream (of course!!), but we can't get you drinking milk. Maybe when you are back in school full time you will drink milk again. Also, you still aren't a fan of juice so you mostly just drink water.
- You have started smacking your lips together to indicate you want food or drink (or even the paci sometimes). It cracks us up. Also, you are becoming a little more particular and opinionated when it comes to food. You are very demanding when you eat and like things NOW! Some things you love right now are blueberries, strawberries, grapes, banana, apple sauce, cheese sandwiches, most things daddy cooks on the barbeque, spaghetti, corn on the cob (or the corn cut off), gold fish crackers, popsicles, ice cream, and any kind of bread. If you loved something one night, you might not like or want it a few nights later (like the hamburgers daddy grilled last loved it Monday and then didn't want anything to do with it Thursday night). To indicate you are done with something, you take it out of your mouth and hand it to us (what we prefer and try to encourage) or throw it on the floor.
- You sleep great at night! You go to bed around 9 and on school days I wake you up around 6:45. On days you don't go to school you wake up between 7 and 8. On occasion you cry out during the night but you are able to put yourself back to sleep.
- You have a couple of new teeth. You have your bottom 2 teeth, one of your 'fangs,' and your top 2 teeth have now come in. I think one came in early Sunday morning on June 26, and I think the other came in early Sunday morning on July 3. You let out a very hard pain cry during both of those nights and the next morning the teeth had broken the skin. You are still drooling pretty heavily right now so I'm not sure if you are working on others, too. One thing is for sure, you have enough teeth to brush so we've added that to our night time routine. And you love getting your teeth brushed!
- Your favorite toys are still your blocks or anything you can put into and take out of a basket (like taking your dirty clothes out of the basket and putting them back in). You really like your books, too. There are lots of times during the day (depending on the day, of course) that you do really well with independent play and keeping yourself occupied.
- You are definitely a water baby. You love bath time, and you get mad when it's time to get out. You have gone swimming for the first time in a pool and in the river. You love to get into the dogs water bowls, too. Ugh!!
- You love your doggies! Cora (the yellow one) is so sweet and lets you climb all over her, which resulted in a bruise on your forehead last week when she decided to get up. And you are so intrigued by Cody (the brown one) and you like to chase him around, but he won't let you get too close unless you have food in your hands!
- You really like going outside. We usually go outside every evening, whether it's to just hang out in the driveway or to go for a walk around the neighborhood.
- You talk up a storm! You can say hi, bye-bye, mama, dada, Poppa, uh-oh, duck, doggy, this, that one, thank you, more, and yum (or mmm, when it comes to food). You get very serious about telling us stories sometimes, even though we have no idea what you're saying. It's really cute.
- You are in 12 month clothes, and 12 month jammies. You are a petite little girl so some 12 month clothes are still a little big on you and some things fit great.
- You are in a size 2 shoe in Carter's brand, but in the Payless brand you are in size 3!
- You are in still in size 3 diapers.
- You are such a funny little girl and you are so beautiful. I love your bright blue eyes and your wispy super blonde hair, which is slowly but surely coming in!! We have loved watching you explore your new skills in the last month, and we can't wait to see what the next month brings! We love you!

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  1. Happy 15 Months! The last picture is adorable and congrats on walking! I bet she keeps you busy all day long! Grayson keeps us going all day!