Sunday, July 17, 2011

Working Mommy

Melissa over at Stafford Stories has been hosting a series this past week on working mothers, or mothers that work outside the home. All mom's work, but some have the option of staying home with their children and some have to work outside the home. She's been focusing on the later, as she is a working mom herself. I'm not guest blogging on her page, but it has been very interesting to read how other working mom's do it so I thought I'd share my story.
April 2010 Summer 2010 Summer 2010 I always knew I would be a working mom. It's what I was raised with, 2 parents who worked hard to support our family and give my brother and I a good life. Since I work in environmental science and work for the government and Chris is a teacher, we certainly aren't rolling in dough! When I got pregnant, my job certainly wasn't easy, seeing how there's alot of 'physical labor' involved in soil sampling and field work. On top of that, I was due in the middle of our busy season. I was completely stressed out, and I kind of figure that might have helped push me into going into labor early. Sara Kate came 2 weeks early, so my maternity leave started 2 weeks earlier than I expected. Because of the timing, I still ended up taking phone calls periodically and answering emails during my 8 weeks off. And as the end of my time at home inched closer, I started to dread going back to work more and more. I liked our little routine...Sara Kate would not really want to go back to sleep in her pack n play after her early morning feeding, but she would fall asleep on my chest. She wouldn't nap in her bassinet, but she would nap on my chest. We spent many parts of many days like that, and I loved it. I cherished those sweet naps we had together, and I got emotional thinking of it ending. But back to work I had to go. I was lucky though, because Sara Kate got to spend the summer with her daddy before starting 'school,' and I think that was such an important bonding time for them.
Sara Kate's first day of 'school' - August 2010
Going back to work, and balancing work and baby and house hold duties and husband wasn't easy...and it was just plain exhausting at first, even though I was very fortunate that Sara Kate started sleeping through the night right after I went back to work. And at times, it still is definitely exhausting! How do we manage? As for meals, Chris and I meal plan for the week and we grocery shop together on Sunday's after shop...lots of nights he does the cooking, depending on what time I get home or what we're having. As for laundry, we tend to do it all on Sunday's and the occasional load on Monday night...Chris or I will load the washer, I usually swap loads, and alot of times he folds while I rock Sara Kate to sleep. As for cleaning, well, that's a tough one. I WISH I had a maid, and I'll be honest and say that I'm so jealous of all the working mom stories I read that have a maid to come clean every couple of weeks. I try to vacuum a couple times a week to stay on top of the dog hair, clean bathrooms on weekends, but most importantly, I try to de-clutter at the end of every day (pick up toys, books, mail, etc.). Cleaning is something I struggle with and don't think I'll every really get a good handle on...until Sara Kate is old enough to have chores, ha! KIDDING!! :-) And as for time with friends or just alone time, we don't have much of that, but we do have Chris' parents in town who have been available to watch their grand daughter at a drop of a hat.
June 2011 Our daily schedule looks a little something this:
5:30-5:45 - I get up, shower, and get dressed, finish anything that needs to be done for lunches and load the car
6:45 - I get Sara Kate up and dressed

7-7:10 - out the door and on the way to daycare...she's dropped off by 7:30 and I'm on my way to work (I have a 45 minute commute from home to office)

7:45-8 - make it to work

8-4:30 - work...sometimes I stay until 4:45 or 5 to clock a little extra over time

5:15-5:30 - home from work (depending on what time I leave the office)...Chris picks up Sara Kate when he gets done with school...occasionally I have to pick her up if he has after school obligations but her 'school' is open until 6

5:30-7 - one of us cooks dinner, the other plays with Sara Kate, we eat as a family, and we clean up the kitchen

7-8:30 - play time, outside time, run the occasional errand as a family

8:30-9 - bath time for Sara Kate (she gets one every night, and alot of times Chris does it or we do it together), pick up clutter, and get ready for bed

9:15 - Sara Kate is usually asleep and in her bed by then

9:15-10 - get lunches packed for the next day, finish picking up, blog, internet, bills, tv, spend time with Chris

10-10:30 - I'm usually worn out and asleep!

April 2011
So that's a snap shot into our day and my life as a working mom. As I stated, I struggle most with cleaning, and Chris and I are trying to do better about spending time together. We have a good partnership, Chris is a wonderful father, and we have a GREAT baby. I think that has really helped our transition into parenthood a little easier. Be sure to check out Melissa's blog HERE and read other working mom stories. And a big thanks to her hosting such an informative series!
July 2011

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  1. WOW your story is soooo close to mine! :-D So lucky we have such happy little girls! AND great partners in this crazy ride called parenthood!!!