Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Up?

I've been a bit of a blog slacker the last few days...things have been kind of hectic lately!! What's been going on? Well, let me tell you! Remember on Friday when I mentioned that Sara Kate had a fever and was feeling a little off?
Well, Saturday she woke up and felt a little warm and was being very clingy to me...I could tell she just didn't feel great. And I figured out it was her teeth bothering her by the way she was messing with her mouth all day. But it was Chris' birthday so we had to celebrate!! Chris' grandpa took us to lunch at a location of Chris' choice, and he chose Penguin Ed's. He loves BBQ!
I felt bad because his birthday was kind of anti-climatic. He spent the morning doing a little project with his dad...installation of a new microwave above our stove!!
Needless to say, Saturday was busy for the birthday boy. Saturday night, I got the sprinkler out thinking Sara Kate would really like it. She didn't love it as I had anticipated. Then again, she was liking it but then it sprayed her in the eye and then the ear. Then she was done with it! We'll try again another time.
She finished the evening reading her books to her duck...so cute. Look at the curls in her hair!
Sunday was a little more relaxed. And Sara Kate woke up feeling normal and acting like her normal self. We had church, which started with a major melt down and Sara Kate going to the nursery early. What caused the melt down? Well, mean ole mommy wouldn't let her play with the chimes on the drums, which she discovered that morning. Once she gets her mind set on something she is determined to do it, and when we won't let her she completely melts down!
She LOVES to climb these steps! Or any steps for that matter!
I wish Sara Kate was looking at the camera in this picture, but I had to show off this adorable outfit I bought her at a resale shop when I was in Mississippi last month. So cute!
We ran a couple errands after church then headed to Chris' parents for a nice lunch.
Watching Meme grill our lunch...
Sharing her snack with mommy (look at her teeth coming in!)...
And being TOTALLY silly after lunch!!! Fish face is a new thing!
We chilled a little longer and headed home and spent the afternoon doing alot of nothing.
We took a walk to our neighborhood park Sunday evening and let Sara Kate play until it got dark. She had a ball and it wore her out!
Monday started a new week, and actually it's Chris' last week at home during summer break and it's Sara Kate's last part time week of daycare. Monday also marked another first in Sara Kate's young life...her first stomach virus!!! Chris called me that afternoon and all I could hear was screaming and him freaking out about her shaking. Turned out that right about the time he called me, she threw up all over him. And then proceeded to freak him out by laying kind of unresponsive and shaking. He called me back a few minutes later and told me what happened and he said he was taking her to the doctor. En route to the doctor, she threw up again all over herself and all in the car. They got to put into a room immediately but had to wait a bit because of some kind of emergency in the clinic. The doctor checked Sara Kate out, and everything checked out fine but she said that she probably just had a stomach virus. She prescribed an anti-nausea medicine and said Sara Kate was old enough to take a half dose. She never got sick again but pretty much cuddled with me all night. Needless to say, she didn't go to school today and stayed home with daddy. She's doing much better and is acting like her normal self, even though Chris said she was pretty clingy to him during the day. He was pretty scared by the whole situation yesterday (and I'm sure I would have been too if I had been here), but he did a great job of taking care of his girl and doing what needed to be done. He's such a good daddy, and Sara Kate just adores him. We are 2 lucky girls!
The bad thing about her being sick is that she got sick on her duck so she can't have it. And she's very upset about it...she LOVES that thing! She was walking around saying 'duck, duck,' and then last night she found it and pulled it off the washer and when I took it away from her she got MAD!! Unfortunately, I can't wash it in the washer because it plays a song so it has a sound box in it. Time to find a replacement duck!!
Sorry this is so long...just wanted to update on what's been going on with us! Hopefully the rest of our week will be uneventful. And I hope ya'll have a good rest of the week, too!

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  1. Good to know that she is feeling better AND that I can't let Emma get attached to anything that I can't wash!!