Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Addition

Our new nephew is here!! On Thursday, March 31, a new addition was welcomed into the family. Hayden Paul was born at 11:16 am, weighing 8 lb 9 oz, and 19 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair and mama and baby are doing well! Jenny was induced Thursday morning and he was here before noon...not bad!
And for the record, the day Jenny told me she was pregnant and due on April 4, I guessed March 31!! :-) So Sara Kate is 11 months and 3 weeks older than her new cousin. Big sister Hannah is so we were leaving the hospital Thursday night we heard her say, 'I love you Hayden.' So cute. Jenny texted me the cutest picture of Hannah holding him last night (the 3rd one below). We can't wait to see him again!
We almost weren't able to make it over to meet the little guy. I got Sara Kate up Thursday morning to eat and she was blazing hot. Even her mouth was just burning hot when she was nursing. I put her in her pack n play like I do every morning after she eats so I can get dressed and she just layed her head down on her butterfly toy. I knew she didn't feel good. When Chris got up he took her temperature and it was 102.5. She was definitely not going to school, and unfortunately, it was too late for him to put in for a sub online. So I got her dressed and he took her to school with him to get sub plans made and to wait for one to arrive. She was so clingy and just wanted to cuddle...poor baby. Chris ended up getting her a doctor appointment and she has an ear infection in her left ear. I think the fever was part that and part teething (she's definitely working on the tops!). The doctor also gave her a prescription for something to help the congestion, which she has had off and on for a couple months now. She was acting a little better by the afternoon and hadn't had a fever since the morning so we still headed to Harrison to see the baby. When we got to the hospital, Sara Kate wanted nothing to do with anyone but me....not her daddy, not her Meme (who she's ALWAYS happy to see) or Poppa, not Aunt Jenny....just her mama! She did show some interest in Hannah, and she was happy with Chris holding her while she ate Cheerios. Everyone could tell she still didn't feel great since she wasn't her normal happy self. We stayed for a couple hours, let everyone ooh and ahh over Hayden, got something to eat with Chris' parents and Hannah, and headed home. Sara Kate slept the whole way home, and as soon as we got in I nursed her and put her back to bed. After getting a couple doses of antibiotics in her she is back to her normal self and hasn't had a fever since Thursday. She still holds her left ear on occasion but she's doing better. I'm shocked (in a good way) that she's almost 1 year old before she got her first ear infection! Hopefully she didn't inherit the crappy ears I had as a child! One more little funny I want to remember...when we were at the hospital with Hayden, Sara Kate let out a little cry and I said something about not getting into a crying competition with a newborn. At the time, he was getting a diaper change and he let out a cry. Sara Kate covered her ears. It was priceless! I wish a camera was handy to capture that! It's gonna be fun watching Sara Kate and her cousins grow up together!

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