Monday, April 18, 2011

12 Month Appointment

Today Sara Kate had her 12 month appointment. She looked so cute this morning. Chris said, 'she's cute but she's awful dressy for the doctor', but my goal was no pants on her legs since she was getting shots!
Here are her stats:
Weight: 20 lb., 0 oz. (25th percentile)
Height: 27.64 inches (10th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.8 inches (50th percentile)

Looking back at her 9 month appointment, she was 50th percentile for weight (19 lb., 4 oz.), 30th percentile for height (27.26 inches), and 50th percentile for head circumference (17.4 inches). Her weight has definitely slowed, and it appears that we have a shorty on our hands! My mom said she may have inherited the short gene from my side of the family. She's only 12 months, so I'm hopeful she'll hit a growth spurt at some point and grow upward. :-) We saw a different doctor today. She was younger, female, and has a 2 year old of her own. I really really liked her. I guess we haven't seen a doctor at the clinic we haven't liked but I think she's my favorite so far.
She got her head measured...
She got her height checked...
She got weighed...
There was this paper mobile above the scale that had different colors and shapes on it and she really liked it! She kept pointing and 'talking' to it.
Then we waited for the doctor to come in!
I just looked back at daddy holding her at her 1 week doctor appointment...
Wow, how she's grown and changed!
The doctor listed to her chest, checked her ears, checked her tummy...she said that Sara Kate looks absolutely perfect! The only developmental milestone that she hasn't hit is walking, but the doctor said the average for babies to start walking is 12-15 months. So she's not behind yet.
We talked to her about switching to whole milk, weaning from nursing, and we learned that apparently we're supposed to be brushing her little teeth. Oops. She did say to stop the night time nursing because at this age any milk at bed time stays in their mouths and can start causing cavities. She also said the night time nursing will be the hardest to stop. I've read that night time nursing, or nursing to sleep, has been called 'the cardinal sin of motherhood' (ha!), and I've done it every night since the day she was born. But it's worked for us! Guess I'll keep ya'll posted on how that goes! Anyway, back to her appointment. She got 4 shots today, 2 in each leg. Did ya'll know that there is an immunization for chicken pox?? We had no idea! The shots were hard on her but the nurses were a machine...1, 2, 3, shot (nurse on both legs), 1, 2, 3, shot (nurse on both legs), band-aids, into mommy or daddy's arms.
She cried that hard cry where they can't catch their breath...that cry makes me sad.
But after a few minutes of snuggling my sweet girl was fine. And we let her look at the colorful mobile on the way out...she liked that.
Here are her battle wounds. She managed to get both band-aids off her legs on the way home. But there are 2 little spots on each leg.
Hopefully she won't have fever or any ill effects from the shots, but teething and shots could make for a long evening. :-( She's playing right now and moving and dancing around to some music in her pack n play so maybe she'll be fine. I'll think positively! :-)

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  1. Kristen, our babies are the same size! I must have the biggest 6 month old in the world. Sarah Kate is such a beautiful baby!

    Oh, and I nurse to sleep too at least 50% of the time. Cardinal sin or not, it's just what works! :)