Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Week

So my plans on getting tons of stuff done this week for Sara Kate's birthday got completely derailed. Why? Because I came down with the stinkin' flu! Sunday I woke up just feeling off. I was so tired and had the chills off and on all day. Sunday night I didn't sleep at all because of a pounding head, oscillating between hot and cold, and being so stopped up. I went to work Monday and talked to the guy who sits next to me...he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia on Friday. After comparing symptoms he said I probably need to get to the doctor. I felt horrible on Monday so I left work early and came home and slept pretty much the rest of the afternoon/night, minus putting Sara Kate to bed. Tuesday I went to work feeling a little better, left early to go to the doctor, found out I had the flu, and I then felt awful all night. The doctor said I was past the time period to start Tamiflu or something like that so she gave me a powerful antibiotic and cough medicine. I slept alright last night, but woke up this morning with my head pounding and feeling really groggy. On advice from the doctor, I didn't go to work today and stayed home and rested. I got up when Sara Kate woke up, fed her, and took her to school, then came home and slept from 9 this morning to 2 this afternoon. That helped a ton! I'm still stuffy and coughing but my head isn't pounding (right now) and I don't think I've had a fever today. I'm still kind of achy and am starting to feel tired again since I've been up doing things around the house for a couple hours. I have to head back to work tomorrow so I'm praying I wake up tomorrow feeling a little more clear headed! Unfortunately, I've gotten dehydrated this week and I don't know how much milk Sara Kate is getting from nursing. But the doctor said that since she is still nursing she's getting still getting antibodies that should help keep her well. Plus she's on antibiotics from her ear infection so I'm hoping that helps keep any germs at bay for her. This is a horrible week for any of us to be sick!! Last night I said to Chris that this couldn't have happened at a worse time for me. He said yes, I could have gotten sick Friday and Saturday and that would have been much worse. Very true. So I'm counting my blessings there! Here's hoping he doesn't come down with it!!

Here's a little sneak peak of the birthday girl's birthday outfit...Doesn't she look so big standing there?!?
My 'to-do' list includes...
- make food list and go to grocery store

- print pictures for photo book
- print monthly pictures for board
- clean house

- make food (Saturday)

- pick up cake (Saturday)

I guess that doesn't look that bad but it seems overwhelming in my head! I just don't want to be so busy on Friday getting things done that we don't get to enjoy Sara Kate's actual birthday. I want to do something fun with her and enjoy the day, minus having to go to work and stuff. But we'll definitely celebrate on Saturday so I'm sure it'll all work out.

What else have we been up to? Well here are a couple funnies for you to enjoy...

Obviously, Sara Kate thought I was done reading this People magazine!
Sara Kate has started doing this funny thing where she will imitate certain noises you make, like hmm, and that includes coughing. I cough, she fake coughs, Chris coughs, she fake's funny. Excuse the way I sound and the shaky camera at times, I took this video last night.

She also has started doing this funny thing where you give her a bite of food and she squishes it through her teeth down her chin and she thinks it's hilarious. And she apparently only does this at home...Chris asked her teacher if she did it at school and they said no. Silly girl. It is making feeding time interesting and quite messy! :-)
Guess that's about all for now. Think I'll go do a little light cleaning and then lay back down. Hope ya'll are having a good week!

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