Friday, April 15, 2011

Wild About One!

The 'theme' for Sara Kate's 1st birthday party was 'Wild About One!' I made the cutest invitations online at Bedford Camera. I had hoped to get one scanned in so I could post it on here but that never happened. It was zebra, black, and hot pink, it said said 'Wild About One' at the bottom under her picture, and on the side it said 'Sara Kate is turning ONE, come and join us for some party FUN!' Here's the picture we used for the invitation. And I LOVE this picture!!
Her party was at 1:00 on Saturday, and we had a light lunch that included chicken salad sandwiches, rotel and chips, fruit, and pasta/veggie salad. I had planned to do more with decorations and I had more ideas in my head but getting sick last week kind of put a kink in my plans. But it turned out nice.
I had all her monthly pictures displayed on a zebra covered cork board...I loved being able to see them side by side to see how she changed each month. In fact, I still have the board and pictures sitting in the same spot, and I catch myself just staring at her pictures.
The cake and her smash cake came from Rick's Bakery. They were fantastic!! I told them exactly what I wanted and they got it perfect!
I never got a good picture of Sara Kate in her birthday outfit, but here's the back. And on the front there was a zebra bow and it has her name monogrammed in hot pink. It turned out perfect, and I just love it! I went for the bloomer/monogrammed look instead of the tutu look (which I had my mind set on for a long time) because she can wear this outfit all summer. At 1 year old, she doesn't have much use for a tutu. So when she's a little older I can do a tutu and she can play dress up with it and it'll get more use.
Sara Kate and her friend Clara, who turned 1 in February.
Lunch time!
Present time! You can kind of see her outfit better in these pictures. She got some books, lots of clothes, and several toys. Thanks so much to everyone!
And finally, cake time! You've seen the video (hopefully...if not, watch it!) so I'll post a few pictures here. As you can see, she had NO fear and dove right into that cake!
The only family picture we got all day!
After cake time was bath time and then we said good bye to our guests.
Family stayed around all day and well into the evening. It was great to get to hang out with everyone. Here's our littlest party guest. Isn't he adorable? Sweet Hayden slept all day!
Overall, we had a great day. Sara Kate won't remember her 1st birthday party but I certainly will. She is such a lucky little girl who has parents that love her so much and lots of family that just adore her. Chris and I are also so blessed to be surrounded by such a loving family, a family who has given us tons of help, support, and encouragement over the last year. So a big thank you to everyone, friends and family, who have been there for us and continue to be there for us. And to Sara Kate, you are more precious and perfect then I could have ever imagined. You are beautiful and funny and so caring. You are strong willed but have a tender heart. I hope you always know how special you are, and I love you more than words can say. The first year was a blast...I can't wait to see what the next year holds in store!

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