Friday, April 15, 2011

First Birthday

As ya'll know, last Friday was Sara Kate's first birthday. I'll do a little recap of her actual birthday and then do a little recap of her party in a separate post. Friday I woke her up and we of course told her Happy Birthday! Other than that, it was like any other morning...get up, nurse, get ready, and go to school. Before taking her to school I took a few pictures of her in the driveway...

What? Did you say it's my birthday?
So excited to be 1!!!!
I bought this t-shirt for my niece, Hannah's, first birthday 2 years ago, and I thought it was so special that my daughter got to wear it too. Anyway, Sara Kate went to school and I went to work. After work, Chris picked her up and we met at the park! It was her first time to go 'play' at the park. She LOVED the swings, but was very unsure about the slide. She didn't cry or fuss, but she just wasn't super happy about it.
It was a beautiful day and after we played, we hung out in the grass and just enjoyed a little family time.
1 going on 16! Yikes! :-)
We finished up the day with a little dinner at Penguin Ed's BBQ (Sara Kate even ate some BBQ for the first time!) and a visit from Meme. I hope she had a great birthday. Not that she'll remember it, but it definitely will be a day I won't forget!

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