Monday, April 11, 2011

A Night of Baseball

Tonight Sara Kate went to her first baseball game! Actually, she went to a game when she was in my belly so this was her first game as an outside baby! :-) We have a minor league team in our town, the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. The junior high girls choir were singing during pregame and Chris was accompanying them. He was able to get a couple extra tickets for free so I was able to come along. And of course Sara Kate got in free. She was a hit! All the workers kept coming over to her and talking to her and saying how pretty she was and what pretty eyes. She was being a ham, too! I dressed her in her red and blue, but we had a front come through last night with some storms and the weather cooled off today. We had jackets and a blanket to wrap around her to stay warm. We didn't stay but a few innings, as it was dinner time for her and we ran out of snackies! Plus it was getting colder and it was super windy.

What Sara Kate did the whole time...snacked! :-) It was dollar hot dog night and she also helped herself to my hot dog bun!
The mascot for the Naturals is a Sasquatch...I think it's totally bizarre! As we were leaving, he was walking around greeting everyone and we took Sara Kate to him so see what she would do. She didn't do anything. So I motioned 'picture' to him, and when Chris took her close to him she let out a cry and nuzzled into Chris' neck. This picture is funny...she's looking back like what is that thing?! I'd be scared of him too if I was a baby!
We had a great family night at the ball park and will look forward to going again, maybe when it's a little warmer!

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