Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road Trip

Wednesday we took a little road trip after work (well after work for me) to Berryville to have dinner with Jenny, Jason, and Hannah. Why would we drive all the way over there for dinner? Well, because there is this excellent little Mexican restaurant that is only open during the week. Jenny worked there through high school and college and the owners have always been close with Chris' family. It's called La Cabana. Yum!! We recommend if you're in the Berryville area! We were saying that is the last time we would see them before Jenny has the baby, too! She is all baby and he sitting pretty low. Poor mama is so uncomfortable.
She tried to get Sara Kate to bouce that baby on success (Sara Kate was bouncing on Jenny's belly. I'm sure baby Hayden didn't appreciate that!).
We loved seeing Hannah, of course, and she had a good time sitting beside Sara Kate.
The guacamole there is super mild...Hannah has been eating it since she was a baby. We decided to let Sara Kate try it, and Hannah wanted to feed it to her. It was so cute. She liked it! Hannah is going to be a good big sister.
It looks like Sara Kate got put in baby jail. Don't worry, she broke out! :-)
Meme with 2 tired girls...
Poppa with 2 tired girls...notice Sara Kate's eyes and Poppa's eyes. Think we know where she got those bright baby blues from!
Sara Kate was tired and she ended up sleeping the hour and 15 minutes it took us to get home. Lucky me because then she didn't want to go to bed when we got home. I finally got her to sleep about 11:30 but that led to one tired mommy on Thursday. I'm gonna leave this post with one last picture, one of the 3 of us. I have a picture of me and Chris in this same spot when we first started dating. It was the first time he took me to Berryville for a day, which happened to be during spring break, so that was like exactly 7 years ago. I thought it was a digital picture so I could post them together but I just remembered it wasn't and I have a snapshot printed out somewhere. Oh well. Here's our family of 3 in Chris' hometown.

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