Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Few Things...

I have just a minute so I thought I'd write a few things that have been going on this week....

First, Sara Kate got sent home from school today (for the first time), not for misbehaving (haha!), but for PINK EYE!! When she woke up this morning here eyes were crusty so I wiped them with a warm rag, which made them red. About 15 minutes after I dropped her off, they called Chris and I both and told us they thought she had pink eye because her eyes were red and crusty. Plus apparently it's been going around her school. Lovely. So we had to figure out the pick up for the first time. Since I don't have much leave time built up yet at work and I had a soil sampling appointment I had already rescheduled once, Chris was able to put in for a sub and go get her. I called the doctor to make an appointment but I talked to the nurse who said it sounds like pink eye, and she just called some drops for us to go pick up. Easy, and no sick child visit. Yay! She can go back to school tomorrow as long as she has some medicine. Chris put drops in her eyes middle of the day and he said it was not fun. No, putting drops in an 11 month old's eyes doesn't sound fun. Wish us luck with that for the next week!

Second, Sara Kate's rebellious stage seemed to be going away...until she got sent home today. Monday she drank her breast milk, but not formula, Tuesday she drank the formula but not breast milk, and Wednesday she drank both!! From a bottle!! Then today got all weird. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe she's over her rebellion.

Third, I seriously can't believe Sara Kate turned 11 months this week. I'm having a hard time with the thought that my baby is almost not a baby anymore. :-( But it's just part of life! I hope to get her 11 month post up this weekend. Time for me to jump into serious party planning mode!

Fourth, we just had some delicious ribs for dinner. Thank you Penguin Ed's for cooking for us tonight. No, this has nothing to do with my child, but they were yummy and I'm still thinking about them. You are welcome if I just got BBQ in your head. :-)

And because I would probably be in trouble if I didn't include any pictures in this post, here ya go!
Oh, one more thing...Sara Kate has a new look. She can now give us the 'stink eye' look! HAHA!
Yes, her bib says "Star of Mommy's blog.' That's what she got at Target a couple weekends ago that I was going to blog about but never got around to it. Isn't it fantastically perfect?!?! :-)

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