Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring and it actually feels like least it does in Northwest Arkansas! We have had some gorgeous weather lately and it's supposed to be nice all week. Last year's first day of spring included a big snow storm (see HERE), and actually, the weather around spring break can always be so unpredictable up here. Several schools in the area have taken days out of spring break to make up snow days but Fayetteville schools aren't doing that. So Chris has the week off and he has a project to work on...fixing up our back yard! We are going to get some patio furniture (which we've never had) and make the space out there actually usable. We have plans to plant a new tree in a bed where one died, as well as fix up some other beds. Maybe if things look nice and we can keep the dogs out of them (which is why things look like crap out there at the moment), I'll post some pictures. Here's a before picture of the patio with a few of the things we have to plant. I won't post a before picture of the rest of the yard/'s embarrassing. :-)
Since it was the first day of spring today, Sara Kate looked extra spring-y in her pretty green blue dress. Someone gave this to us as a baby gift at a shower and it still amazes me that she's starting to wear things I purchased last year for this year or gifts we received that are 12 month sizes.
Here we are at church this morning. I was so impressed that Sara Kate kept her head band on most of the morning (plus she looked so adorable!!) I needed a family picture. She has the worst expression but I think the flash caught her off guard. Oh well. Can't always have perfect smiley family pictures! :-)
I teach kids church on the 3rd Sunday of every month to our preschoolers and when I went to peak in on Sara Kate in the nursery I saw this. She was sitting there playing with a few friends (yes those babies are twins and they are a couple months yes, Carly is 2 months younger and has more hair that Sara Kate will have for a while!). So cute.
After church we made a Lowe's run to get a few supplies and she was so happy sitting in the cart like a big girl!
And here's another via Instagram (edited to be artsy...don't think my mom got it when I sent her this picture...sorry to call you out mom)!! :-)
Here's one more Instagram from a picture taken the other's a cool program!
We came home, Sara Kate had some lunch, Chris did some yard work, and we're getting ready to grill out tonight and do a little more work in the yard. I hear little missy up from her nap and she doesn't sound very happy to be in there alone so I better get off here. Happy Spring, ya'll!

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