Sunday, March 13, 2011

11 Months - Out Takes!

Usually right after a meal or right after a nap is a great time to have a photo shoot with Sara Kate. Today we had one right after lunch to get a picture for her birthday invitation, which went great. She was smiley and happy...great! Then she went down for a nap. And then it was time for her 11 month photo shoot (yes, I'm a couple days behind). That time, not so good. See for yourself.
Whoa is's so hard being 11 months old!
So then we tried the floor. Not any better.
This is what she wanted, to cuddle with her mama.
A somewhat decent shot while in my lap.
And the best shot during this particular photo shoot, and she was actually in the process of getting mad.
So when I say that Sara Kate is a very happy baby, that's a true statement...MOST of the time. :-)

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