Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Showers

'Tis the season for babies and weddings! I've had several friends having babies lately or are about to have babies. Yay for new friends for Sara Kate!! Ha! Babies mean showers! It was this time last year I was having my shower for Sara Kate. I missed a shower for a friend a couple weeks ago and she welcomed her little girl just a few days later. Last Friday we helped host a shower for our friends the Vann's. They are expecting a baby ? (don't know if it's boy or girl) in a few short weeks! We had great food and great company, and Brandy got some great stuff!
It was a couple's shower...have you ever been to a couple's baby shower? It was pretty much the boys sitting on the patio drinking beer while the girls sat inside and ooh'ed and ahh'ed over cute baby stuff! :-)
The prettiest package!
Spring time/summer time is also wedding season. We went to a friend's wedding last weekend and my brother is getting married in May. Today we hosted a wedding shower for Phillip and Holly. She couldn't be here but someone mentioned that it was nice for the groom to get to open all the presents and get a little attention.
Don't make him mad Holly! Ha!
My parents came up Thursday and it was so nice that they were able to stay until it was over. And it was a huge help to me!
I loved they were able to spend lots of extra time with Sara Kate!
She was here during the shower but was very tired. Meme had the magic touch in getting her to fall asleep!
I have another baby shower to attend next weekend then I think that's about it until the summer. As you can see we've had a busy weekend and I REALLY need a weekend to recover from this weekend! I have a feeling it's gonna be a tiring week. Hope everyone has a good one!

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