Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet George!!

Chris and I are on day 3 of home confinement because of the weather (church was canceled today). We're starting to get a little stir crazy, too. The snow stopped yesterday, and we got about 6 inches of snow on top of about an inch of ice. The drift in front of our front door measured 9 inches...crazy! I've definitely not seen snow like this in my lifetime. Yesterday afternoon I tried to go out and build a snowman...the snow was WAY too powdery. I couldn't get it to pack at all. Chris, with his infinite snowman building wisdom, said it needed to warm up a bit so the snow would melt a tad and pack better. So I figured today was my day! So I layer up and head out back. As I'm working on my base, Chris comes out and says 'I can tell you've never built a snowman before.' Ha! I did tell him about this one time when I was growing up, me and my friend Ashley had to scrape up ALL the snow in the front yard (which obviously wasn't much in south Arkansas) to make a tiny little guy. Haha! So he gives me a little guidance and I get going. Base...check! Mid section...check! Head...check!
Time to accessorize him! Chris was a big help here! He brought me a carrot for a nose, paint stir sticks for arms, an old pair of gloves (Laura, you should recognize these! :-) ), and I told him to bring me a scarf and an old Big Bird hat me and brother wore when we were little (can't make a snowman without that hat making an appearance). The eyes and mouth were a little more tricky. He ended up cutting eyes and a mouth out of a cardboard razorback coaster. It worked. So without further ado, meet George!
Isn't he cute?? :-) I'm pretty proud of him!

And now here are some other pictures of the great snowstorm of 2010!
I took Kacie outside to see what she would do. She was like, I don't think so!!!!!
The dogs, on the other hand, have had a blast playing around, especially Cody (as the video evidence from my last blog shows)!
I look forward to Sara Kate being old enough to go out and play in the snow! :-)

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