Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year...a few days late!!

We had a thoroughly exciting New Years Eve!! It consisted of this (which was very good):
And taking down this:
Thrilling, don't ya think? It's ok. We know we are a boring old married couple. Haha! We didn't need to stay up way late b/c we left early Friday morning to head to Memphis for this:
Actually we attended the 51st Liberty Bowl, but this was the only logo I could find. :-) We had a great time, but the weather was FRIGIDLY COLD!!!!!!! My Razorback Snuggie sure did come in handy! Ha! We visited friends, which is always fun...Vanessa, my college roommate, and Tamara, a college friend of Chris'.
We went to a very interesting Liberty Bowl was no Macy's but it was amusing!!
This is the cleanest semi I've ever seen!!!
I don't even know what to say about this!!!
McGruff, the Crime Dog, kinda looked like McGruff, the weird homeless dog
One of the 2 Corvette clubs in the parade. For some reason I took tons of pictures of these cars...I don't even care about cars. We got a kick out of that later. I'll only post 1 here. :-)
And finally, what we were waiting for....the Razorback mascot, cheerleaders, and band!!

Saturday was game day. But first we had to go here and I was oh, so excited! My first time to a Super Target!!!!
It kinda worked out b/c Chris picked up some long-john pants and we got some hand warmers while out. Ok, now game time!!

Chris, me, Phillip, and Holly...the beads came from the I didn't wear them to the game!
Eddie Money was the half-time entertainment...interesting.....
Hogs win...yay!!!

Our trip home was quite eventful. We left right after the game, went and dropped Phillip off at his car, and got stuck in serious traffic trying to get back into the state of Arkansas! So that put us back an hour. Around Little Rock I decided to check the weather on my phone...what a surprise I saw! We had no idea it was snowing in Fayetteville and would be all night. Things just got more interesting! When we got on I-540, north of the tunnel, that's when things got tricky...and they got worse the farther north we went. We finally made it home about 3:45. This picture is kind of bad but this is what we saw:
After about 2.5 hours of sleep (*yawn), going to church was kinda treacherous...snow packed on top of ice. Good times! By the time church was out the roads were just wet with slushy areas. Here's a picture of the church when we got there, and then one I took when we got home from church.
Overall, we had a good trip but are glad to be home. Going to bed early is definitely in store for tonight! Hope everyone had a great New Years!!!


  1. Hey....I spot Michael in the background in the picture of Phillip and Holly! How funny that you guys happened to sit that close to eachother!

  2. It's pretty easy. You go to and you can make them yourself or use a template (mine is definitly a template because there's no way I could have done that myself, ha). Then you go to file and hit Export as JPG. Then you save it to your computer. The saving part always seems to give me trouble, but if I keep playing around, I can always get it to work. Then you go to your blog, click Layout, and upload your picture.
    I know that's a lot, but I hope it helps and isn't too confusing. Looks like yall had fun in Memphis... I'm glad the game ended up being worth the drive :)