Thursday, January 7, 2010

25 Weeks

Today is Thursday, the day I move up a week! No belly picture today b/c I've been working at home in my pj's all day because of the weather. Hopefully I can get one taken tomorrow and will post it this weekend. One bummer thing that happened this week is that I found out about my diabetes test...I didn't fail my 1-hour glucose test but I didn't pass it either. Boo!!! So I have to go back to the doctor on Monday at 8 for the 3-hour glucose test. I have to drink the sugar drink, and then they have to take my blood every hour for 3 hours (hopefully they do better with the blood draws Monday or I'm gonna look like a drug arm looks AWFUL from where they took blood this week!!). I'm not allowed to have anything to eat or drink after mid-night Sunday so I'll probably be starving by the time I get to leave. I'm pretty bummed that I have to do the 3-hour. I don't crave/eat sweet stuff often...actually, I tend to crave salty foods, but I don't give in to cravings much...can I blame it on eating excess sweets over Christmas? :-) Anyway, I'm praying I pass on Monday. Baby girl's kicks are getting harder. She was going crazy the other night before bed and Chris got to feel some good ones! We were laughing and were wondering what she was so worked up about.

So I said earlier the weather has been bad. We had snow Saturday overnight (which I mentioned in my post last time), then it snowed again Sunday night, and then last night we had some snow/ice and huge drops in the temperature. Today I think we got up to 12, with negative windchills all day. Here's our 7-day forcast...focus on the next 2 days!! I don't think I've experienced weather this cold! I'll definitely be doing no field work until next week!!!!
Doing field work this week has been interesting! It's looked a little something like this. Temperatures have been way below freezing, but believe it or not, I was actually able to take soil samples. Snow acts as an insulator...who knew! I've definitely stayed bundled up! Guess I'll go check out the Alabama/Texas game...the game certainly isn't going Bama's way right now! As an Arkansas fan, we ALWAYS root against Texas!! And if baby girl were here, I would allow her to use one of her Alabama pacifier's from her great aunt and uncle. This one time! Haha!!

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  1. Failing the 1 hour glucose test is not uncommon. I did and had to take the 3 hour. Talk about boring. But I passed the 3 hour. I'm surprised you can't eat because I was not told to fast. That sugar drink made me sick and I almost lost it. The nurse told me if I did get sick I'd have to drink the stuff again. I would not because I would refuse. If I get sick the first time don't you think it would happen again? Yesterday we had "snow" so I kept Sara home and today schools are closed. The cold is brutal. Did you know it is colder here in North Alabama than in Anchorage, Alaska?