Sunday, January 3, 2010

24 Weeks

I think I read somewhere that the day you hit 24 weeks is considered "Viability Day," meaning the baby has a 50% chance of survival if it was born at this point and doctors would do everything they could to save a baby born at this point. Of course, we want to see NO baby until April...preferably the end of April!!! But I guess this is a good milestone to reach. My belly looks like it's rounding out, and I'm still wearing mostly non-maternity shirts. I have a handful of maternity shirts and picked up a couple more on sale the other day at Target. Chris likes when I wear them b/c they're more form fitting and I can 'show it off.' Haha! However, I am exclusively in maternity jeans! Last time I went soil sampling before Christmas, I had 2 pair of work jeans that still fit. Haven't tried since then eventually but I might have to go to working in gym pants/sweat pants. We'll see! Baby girl seems to be doing good. She's becoming more active and she kind of has a schedule...think I might have wrote that last week. Either way, it's becoming more obvious. Chris is also feeling more kicks on the outside. Also, like I wrote last week, I have my gestational diabetes test/doctor's appointment in the morning and hopefully all goes well there! This week's fruit is still a papaya but here's what is says this week.

Baby's now the size of a papaya!

Baby's skin is becoming more opaque as the fat starts to pack on. And, thanks to the formation of small capillaries, her newly thick skin is taking on a fresh pink glow.

I ran into TJ Maxx the other day while Chris went to Best Buy and I did find one little Christmas outfit for next year. It was $5 so I couldn't pass it up!!

Also, I thought I'd give a little sneak peak of what baby girl's nursery will look like! Love it!!

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