Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve we headed south to El Dorado. The weather was crappy, but all we hit was rain. There was quite a bit of flooding down south. Fortunately, the flooding didn't affect the roads we were traveling on. We went to church that night and had family over for dinner afterward, a Greer tradition that's been going on for years. Christmas Eve is a little bittersweet...it's a wonderful night because we get to remember the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus, but it's also sad because my grandmother passed away on Christmas Eve when I was in college. Big events like when we were planning my wedding and now planning for our first baby make me think of her and how much she would have loved being involved in these big events. Enough reminiscing. The Greer family tradition on Christmas Day is to get up, open gifts, have breakfast (always grapefruit and biscuits and mayhaw jelly), and have Christmas lunch later. This year we had family from Alabama joining us. Yay!! And we had family from Louisiana joining us. Yay!! It has never happened that everyone has congregated at my mom and dad's house. We had a house full of people and a house full of dogs!! It was lots of fun. The day after Christmas brought a fish fry, courtesy of my great-uncle. Delish! Sunday brought church, and just hanging out, and we came back to Fayetteville on Monday. Monday night Chris and I had Christmas with his family. That's always fun, too! Hannah was super cute last night...I have some funny video of her dancing...will have to figure out how to post that. She wanted to help everyone open gifts...and she was a big help in throwing away trash. All in all, we had a great Christmas!
My parents tree
Cody ripping into the bones given to him and Cora...they loved them!!My aunt LOVED my new RAZORBACK SNUGGIE!!!!!!
Mom and dadMe, mom, my grandmother, and aunt
My aunt and uncle and their girls, Morgan and Nikki
Chris and I
My grandmother's little dog that terrorized our 2 70-lb dogs!!Hannah loved her Sponge Bob shirt we got her!
Hannah helping Uncle Kissy (yep, he's moved from Kiss to Kissy...hehe!) open presents...actually it was a present to baby girl, diapers...then Hannah thought she should help open that package, too

Baby girl got lots of loot, too. She got diapers, some gowns, cute footie-pajamas, some onesies, some spoons, some adorable outfits, her first pair of shoes, some pacifiers with an unfortunate logo on them (Alabama Crimson Tide), and a beautiful blanket my mother-in-law made for her. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.And finally, the blanket Chris' mom (Mimi) made for her. Front:

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