Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....

It is definitely starting to look like Christmas, and as of late, it most certainly is FEELING like Christmas in the beautiful mountains of Northwest Arkansas. Winter has blown in with a vengeance! I think our low tonight is going to feel close to 0 degrees and our high tomorrow is only in the 20's. Brrrr!! Anyway, back to Christmas. We got our tree up the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I thought about redecorating it this year with a different 'theme' but decided that I would be better off waiting another year or 2...eventually we'll need to forgo the glass ball ornaments and exchange for some plastic. Right now we can't put anything too breakable near the bottom because of Cora's lethal tail! Haha! I can only imagine that getting worse with 2 70 lb. dogs and a small child moving around! Other holiday activities we've enjoyed include Chris having his Winter Concerts for school...he had the 2 middle school/junior high concerts and he sang with the Master Chorale at the Walton Arts Center, where they performed 'The Messiah.' The picture below is him all dressed up before his 1st performance of 'The Messiah.' I haven't seen him in a tux since our wedding. Isn't he handsome?? :-)
Below is our tree. Excuse the fact that we have no tree skirt down. Until we get presents on it, the cat thinks it is a toy for her. A week ago I came out of the bedroom and it was all crumpled up in the middle of the floor. Real nice, Kacie.
Now, for a few of my favorite ornaments! Obviously, these next 2 are a couple of my favs!
This next one was my grandfather's. As the only other Razorback fan in the family, it was given to me after he passed away. It's pretty special.
Some other very special ornaments are my collection of silver bells/holly bells that my grandmother started for me when I was born. Even though she's passed away, my mom still gets me (and her) one every year. Guess I have 28 so far! I can expect one every year and I can normally pick out which box that ornament is in!
And finally, one of my other favorites is the 'Our 1st Christmas' ornament that my mom got me after Chris and I got married. Love the little snow couple! I really enjoy getting out my nativity scene every year, too...helps keep in perspective what the Christmas season is really all about. My Alabama grandmother gave it to me for our wedding. I think all the women in our family have the same one so that's pretty cool. It's on the piano in the corner...gotta keep it up to keep the cat out of it. Does anyone see a theme with the cat and getting into stuff?? :-)
That's about it for Christmas decorations in our house. I have a centerpiece on our table, a few snowman items here and there, a wreath on the front door, and red bows on the lights outside, but I don't think that stuff is picture worthy. :-) I'll leave you with one last picture...our Sunday School class has a 'Tacky Sweater" Christmas party. Last year was the first year we did tacky sweaters and boy was it fun! And funny! The party is Saturday night so hopefully I'll be able to post some updated tacky photos. Haha! Enjoy!


  1. This may sound strange but put the tree in the playpen instead of the baby. That way it is safe from baby, the dogs and the cat.

  2. Hmmm...I have been thinking about my attire for Saturday night. I still have a couple of sweaters from when I went through my tacky "teacher" sweater phase. I meant to comment on your last post-I am so excited that you are having a girl. Yay!