Monday, February 8, 2010

29 Weeks...a few days late

Thought I'd do a quick update of this past week before it completely slips by me. This past week brought a doctor's appointment. I didn't care for the doctor I saw this week; Chris didn't mind him, though. He was short and sweet and didn't have much to say...that's the reason I didn't care for him. I am hoping he won't be the one on call when it's time to deliver! He did say my weight is good (glad he didn't have any complaints...2 friends have said he was a meanie to them about their weight), I'm measuring fine, and my blood pressure is good. I asked about my levels from my 3-hour glucose test. Turns out I passed the 3-hour with flying colors...all 4 blood draws had my levels between 60-70. Yay! I go back to the doctor on March 1 (which will be about 32 weeks). After that, I go every 2 weeks, and then at 36 weeks, I go every week. Yikes! That'll be here before we know it! We also took an infant CPR class this wasn't a certification, just a class. The only difference between the class we took and an actual certification was that we only covered infant and child CPR and there was no test. It was interesting; I remembered alot from getting certified while lifeguarding. So check that off the list. Another thing to check off the list is registering! That was kind of stressful. We ended up registering at Target and Wal-Mart. Target was fine, even though we were in there forever. But the trip to Wal-Mart annoyed the ever-living daylights out of me!!! We go to get the scanner and they tell us they only have 1 in the store. I was like, you're telling me a retail GIANT like Wal-Mart only has 1 scanner??? That was the most rediculous thing I'd ever heard!! Also, turns out these 2 girls had it (and apparently they had had it for a while) and they were in NO hurry. We followed them briefly...they seemed to be just hanging out. They even had a cart with groceries. I was super annoyed. Anyway, Chris called the other Wal-Mart and their 1 scanner wasn't in use so they held it for us until we got there. Really, we didn't find much baby stuff to register for there...think we probably had a little too much fun on the baby toy aisle but we were grasping at straws. I REALLY wish we had a that would have been fun! :-) Let's see, what else....oh, we have a new "fruit" of the week! I use quotations b/c I really don't think squash is a fruit. And I also have to say BLAHHH!! When it's time to give Sara Kate veggies, the idea of giving her squash grosses me out b/c I think I'll have to taste it. Chris can introduce her to that veggie. :-) I can't get the picture/info. to copy/paste this week! Will try again next week (guess that would technically be later this week). Also, no belly picture this week...never got around to taking one. Will be sure to do that next week, too (also, technically this later this week)! Oh, and hopefully I will be posting pictures of the dresser/changer soon b/c it's supposed to be here Wednesday. Yay!

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