Sunday, February 14, 2010

A bowl full of jelly!

I've hit the 30-week mark! T-10 weeks until my due date. Wow, that's gonna be here before we know it! She's still an active little thing. She was having Dance Party USA the other night about 1:00 am when I was awake with Cody. I'm getting worried she's going to have her nights and days mixed up when she gets here. Although, she's pretty active during the day, too. Maybe we're just going to have a super active little one. Or maybe she's getting all her activity out now and she'll be a peaceful little thing when she gets here. I like thinking about it like that (thanks, Laura for putting it that way!) Ha! :-) I felt her having the hiccups for the first time this past week. They don't feel very strong to me yet, but it was a very rhythmic motion and then they stopped after a bit...I figured it had to be hiccups. One night last week I could feel her moving around and so I pulled my shirt up over my belly because my belly was moving around. Chris asked me if Sara Kate was hot...ha! I told him to watch my stomach move and he said it's moving around like a bowl full of jelly (hence the title of this post). Very clever. Here's my 30-week belly picture.
And this week she's still the size of a squash.
Baby's now the size of a squash!

As baby's skin smoothes out, her brain just keeps getting more wrinkled. All those grooves and indentations increase surface area, meaning more room for that oh-so-essential brain tissue. She's also adding some brawn -- her grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger.

What else...

We have the dresser, and it's all built! Chris said the directions sucked, but he got it together in about 3 hours. I took Cody to the park yesterday afternoon to walk, and when I left the frame was up...when I got back it was finished. Yay! It looks great!

Yep, it came in 2 boxes. Fun, fun!
This wasn't even all the pieces.
Making progress!
Thanks to Phillip's girlfriend, Holly, we also have some art work for the walls. She did a great job!

In sad news, we've had our first baby stuff related casualty. See these cute little socks?
Well, we got 2 sets of these socks for Christmas, thanks to my mom and sister-in-law. I thought about taking 1 set back and exchanging them but just decided to keep both sets. Sara Kate is gonna need socks, right? Apparently Cora thought SHE needed a set, too! I have baby stuff in a box on the floor of the spare bedroom, and I had left the door open one day. Cora went in there, got the socks out of the box, and proceeded to shred/unravel them. I wasn't home from work yet but Chris said they were completely destroyed. It's definitely going to be hard to teach her that Sara Kate's stuff doesn't equal Cora's stuff! It was the first casualty, but I'm sure it won't be the last!

And finally, I'll leave you with a picture of the first outfit Chris has bought for his daughter. He went to Target between school's one day last week and thought she needed this outfit. I thought it was, it's a pretty cute little summery dress!

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