Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Hannah!!!!

*I wrote this on 2/17/2010 but am posting it on 2/18/2010. Not sure why the date still says 2/17. Hannah's birthday is 2/18!

Our adorable niece, Hannah Grace, turns 2 today (*2/18)!!! It's been really great for me to be around a baby the last 2 years. Before Hannah, I had never really been around a newborn before....I didn't even know how to hold her. I know having my own baby is going to be totally different, but I still think it's been a good experience. She's so much fun these days...she recognizes us, can call us by name, wants to come to us, wants us to play with her - she especially loves her Uncle Chris!!
My in-laws hosted her family birthday party this past Saturday, and I think she had a great time!

A little look back....
The day she was born...
Hannah turns 1...
Hannah turns 2!!
We got her this cute little summer dress and she wanted to wear it over her clothes.We also got her a Ms. Potato-Head!! Fun for all!!
And now a picture that will live forever...Jason will regret that he let me take it...
Ta-da!!!!! She'll love this when she's 16! :-)

Happy Birthday, baby girl! We love you!!

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