Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

After hours of sleet, starting sometime during the night, and many many many more hours of snow, our winter storm is wrapping up...although it's still snowing a bit outside. And yep, I got a snow day on my first day of work! And I get another snow day on my second day of work. Guess I'll have to wait and see what Thursday brings. Chris got a snow day today and gets another tomorrow, too. Pretty much everything is shut down...schools, businesses, city offices. We are covered in a beautiful blanket of white.
I measured about 5 inches earlier this afternoon, but it has continued to snow since then. Actually, I couldn't get the ruler all the way down to the ground because of ice under the snow. The weather man on the news tonight said that a 'dry pocket of air' came in sooner than expected so we didn't get as much snow as originally predicted.
This picture makes it look like things were clearing up and the snow had stopped, but the picture is just deceiving!
Don't worry, Sara Kate wasn't out like this but a second! And they were standing in the garage.
The dogs ran around like crazy puppies having a blast. But it didn't last long. Cora was done after just a few minutes!
The 3 of us have done a whole lot of nothing today. It's been a day of staying in our pajamas, getting caught up on some DVR'd shows (like American Idol and Glee), playing, reading, and napping. Glorious!
Sara Kate was watching Baby Einstein on my phone while I watched American Idol!

This picture says, 'I'm coming to get ya, Mom!'
I took these picture about an hour ago when I went out to feed the dogs.
So that was our day! What will tomorrow bring? Probably more of the same, but I want to go build a snowman! The snow was REALLY powdery today so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it will work!

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