Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

I have to dedicate this post to our sweet, beautiful niece Hannah. Yesterday was her 3rd birthday.
The day she was born...
And on her 3rd birthday...
She's so stinkin' cute, and she just cracks us up these days with what she says. I called her yesterday morning to wish her a happy birthday and when she finally got on the phone I said, "Happy Birthday, Hannah!" She replied, "Happy Birthday!" I laughed. I said, "How old are you today?" She said, "This many," while holding 3 fingers up to the phone. I said, "How old?" She said, "This many," while holding 3 fingers up to the phone. I laughed. I heard Jenny say, "Say you're 3." And she said, "Three." Then she proceeded to tell me something to do with Sara Kate. And then Jenny interpreted it for me and she had said that she wanted to take a bath with Sara Kate and she would share her Aurora doll in the bath tub. So cute. After work yesterday, we went to Mimi and Poppa's and Hannah opened her presents. She's really into princesses and Barbie right now, so we gave her several sets of Barbie clothes.
Hannah said Sara Kate couldn't help her with her presents. Ha! So then Jenny told her that she couldn't help Sara Kate when it was her birthday. Double Ha!!
Then Uncle Chris (who she calls 'Krissen'...hahahaha!!) played Barbie, and it was hilarious. Chris was speaking in Barbie voice, and Hannah was just cracking up. She laughed and laughed. So cute.
We went to dinner at The Catfish Hole, and Hannah's other grandparents and aunt and uncle came over too. It was nice having everyone there to celebrate her birthday, and it's really nice that both families get along so well. It's like that with mine and Chris' family too...everyone just gets along perfectly. I love that. Hannah's other grandma brought her some balloons to put on the table and a 'Birthday Princess' button for her wear. We ate (way too much) and had a great time. Sara Kate even tried hush puppy (the inside breading part) and fish (the inside fish part, not the fried breading)! She liked both...she doesn't seem to care what she's eating, as long as she gets to eat. Hopefully she won't be picky like her mama! :-) After dinner a few waitresses came and sang 'Happy Birthday' to Hannah and brought her a candle and enough suckers for the entire table. That was nice. She even shared a sucker with a little girl sitting behind her...she's a sweet girl. Then it was cupcake time, and these next pictures speak for themselves! :-)
Aww, Uncle Chris is a good sport! And Hannah had a pink face the rest of the night! After dinner, we went back to Chris' parents and the girls had bath time. Sara Kate fell asleep on the way back to their house...she had a big day! Notice the wand in her hand that Hannah let her play with. And those moccasin shoes were Chris' first pair of shoes!
But she perked up for bath time!
Hannah let Sara Kate play with her water dolls, but Sara Kate wasn't fond of the way the hair got all stringy when it got wet.
Hannah wanted to help wash Sara Kate.
Two clean, tired girls!
Overall, we had a great day. Happy Birthday, Hannah!! We love you!

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