Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day 2

Today brought more of the same for us here at the Casa de Michaels. We did manage to get out of our pajamas today, though. :-) Well, Chris and I did. Sara Kate stayed warm and toasty in her fleece jammies. I attempted a snow man this afternoon, but it is so stinkin' cold that the snow is still just way too powdery. How cold is it? Well, it's been around 10 degrees with a wind chill in the negatives all day, and our low tonight is -9. Wow! Turn up the heat and pile extra blankets on the bed!! I took some cool pictures today when I ventured outside...well, I think they're cool, you can think what you want. :-) Oh, and I measured and our snow totals seem to be between 6 and 7 inches.
The pups had a little fun outside while I was attempting my snow man. And if you look closely, especially at the picture of Cody, you can see it was snowing again very lightly. It's done it off and on all day.
Chris walked up the street of our neighborhood to the main road to see what the road conditions were like and he said they look awful. He said the main road looked just like our neighborhood roads, which look a little like this.
I get the super fun task of venturing out tomorrow because I officially start my new job. It's a delayed start at 9, but still, the commute is gonna suck!!! I'm gonna be a nervous wreck! So say a little prayer for me and all the other crazies that have to go to work! Sara Kate had another fun snow day. She played and napped and ate and had crawling practice...still nothing new there. It's been so fun to just hang out with her the last couple days. This afternoon she seemed bored and Chris asked her if she missed her friends from school. Maybe, but she'll get another day at home tomorrow because all local schools and daycare's will be closed again. When I'm at work tomorrow, I'll miss hanging out with my little family!
She was being so cute after we ate dinner. I was cleaning up the dishes and Chris was talking to her and laughing and she started laughing back at him. So he laughed and she laughed back. It was so funny. She cracks us up sometimes!
Oh yeah, and I made snow ice cream for the first time today! I always think about it too late, but I decided to give it a try this afternoon. I got 4 cups of snow, added 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp of vanilla, and milk to get it to the right consistency. It was pretty good, but pretty sweet, too. I remember my mom making it once when I was a kid (snow events in south Arkansas were few and far between!!!), and Chris had it as a kid, too. When Sara Kate gets a little older, I'll have to be sure to make some for her! I didn't give her any today because of it having milk in it, and she can't have cow's milk yet. I did let her taste the snow again. She's still a fan. :-)
All this snow day fun has just plum worn Sara Kate out! She sacked out on me last night before bath time. She's saying 'mama' now while watching her Baby Einstein video so I think I'll go join her!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow, and stay safe! The picture of SK laughing is so darn cute!!!