Friday, February 4, 2011

New Trick

Hey ya'll! It's me, Sara Kate!
I know what you're thinking! From the title of this post you think I finally figured out this crawling thing Mom and Dad keep trying to get me to do. Well, SIKE!! I'm still not budging there, but I did finally figure out how to roll from my back to tummy! Once again, you are probably thinking that I learned how to roll tummy to back a few months back and I should have figured this roll out by now, but I am stubborn and want to do things at my own pace. Want some evidence of my new skill? You're in luck because my mom had that weird camera thing in my face AGAIN. So here ya go!

And here are a couple more cute pictures that Mom took of me earlier while we were playing!
I guess I'll pass this computer to my mom. She said she has a few things to say. Peace out, ya'll!

Yeah, so all of a sudden, Sara Kate figured out how to roll from back to tummy. Like everything else she does, she's been close for a while now but I guess she has just has lacked the desire to completely flip over. Chris said he thought he said the tail end of her doing it this morning, but we officially saw her do it this afternoon...a few times so it wasn't just a fluke! And I just happened to have the camera and was already taking pictures...yay!! So voila, there's her latest 'trick!'

In other news, we are seriously in the midst of Snowmageddon around here! It snowed AGAIN today, on top of the 6ish inches we already had on the ground from Tuesday. What's funny about today's storm is that we were only supposed to get a dusting and then it started snowing between 10-11 this morning, and it hasn't stopped. Good job weather forecasters! My office let out early so I headed home around 2, and by the time I got to Fayetteville, the roads were crappy once again (they weren't completely cleared to start with), and it was snowing really hard. I went outside to take a few pictures and to measure (of course) and I measured about 8 inches, with several more hours of snow still to go.
And a few more, just because. I know you haven't seen enough snow pictures on this blog lately. HA!!!
Check out this super ice block coming out of the drain off the house!! Would you call that an icicle??
Apparently, there's no end to Snowmageddon in sight. We watched the news before dinner and we have another storm coming in Sunday and another on Wednesday, which is supposed to be another major snow event. Lovely. I think I'll give a snowman another shot tomorrow...this looks like it's wetter snow than what we got Tuesday. Wish me luck! :-)

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