Sunday, February 27, 2011


The last week and a half have pretty much just included following Sara Kate around while she explores her 'new' surroundings.

Seeing that little bear butt on the move takes these jammies to a whole new level of cuteness!
Yes, she opened her drawer and started pulling out the blankets...
Yes, she crawled to the bookcase in our room and pulled the DVD's off the shelf...
(excuse the crappy cell phone picture)
Yes, she was headed straight for the dog toys...and obviously they were like, what is she doing?!?
Yes, she loves to play with the straps and buckles in her car seat...
And yes, she was headed straight to the cat food bowl!When we put her down in the living room to crawl around, she first heads to 2 locations: the cat food bowl or the dogs water bowls. One is on the right side of the computer cabinet and the other is on the left side of the computer cabinet. I redirect her and she turns around and heads straight back to the bowls. Silly girl. At least she hasn't ventured into the spare bathroom and found the cat litter. When that happens, we have a problem. Anybody want a cute little white cat?? :-) As for the cat, Sara Kate likes to 'chase' Kacie around...she just started that, probably because they are on the same level now! It's funny to watch her when Kacie comes into her line of vision.

We like to take Sara Kate into her room and just let her explore in there, too. We'll get different toys out and just let her play around and move to thing to thing on her own.
Sometimes Cora comes in to play!

Sometimes Sara Kate ventures out into the hallway...
And that is very exciting!
And finally, sometimes (like today) she likes to crawl to the front door and look outside.
Wow, PLEASE excuse how dirty our glass door is!
And those are just some of Sara Kate's adventures! Hope ya'll enjoyed the ride!

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