Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Razorback Weekend that ALMOST was NOT!!

We had a super fun filled Razorback weekend planned and our plans almost got majorly derailed!! First, let me share these pictures that I took of Sara Kate before I took her to school Friday morning. Spirit Friday's, love them!! She looked so adorable in her little Razorback dress and sweater. This dress is definitely one of my favorite purchases I've made for my little Hog fan. I got it online for a steal compared to some boutiques around here that sell the same dress!!
My super talented picture taking husband took these two pictures Friday afternoon when we stopped by the park on the way home. LOVE THEM!!!!!
Anyway, back to our Saturday. We had a nice relaxing morning around the house, we ran a couple errands, dropped Sara Kate off with her Meme, and Chris and I headed to our normal tailgate. Our friend Peter didn't come down this game so we had given his ticket to our friend Wade. We were also going to leave our tailgate early so we could head down the hill and meet up with my long time friend Kristen, who was in town from Conway for the game. I gave Wade his ticket, we got our jackets and blanket, I put my phone in one back pocket, and I put the tickets in my other back pocket. I do this EVERY game and have for the last couple years. Periodically on our walk to the stadium I check my pocket. We were walking down the street, I checked my pocket, and the tickets were there. We got almost to the bottom of the hill, I check my pocket and the tickets were GONE!!!!!! I FREAKED OUT!!!! I called Wade and had him check around the house and we turned around to retrace our steps. I knew we wouldn't find them because the wind was blowing like crazy, 20-30 mph. I figured the wind blew them out of my pocket or I got pick pocketed. I never felt anybody get in my back pocket but I suppose those guys can be slick. I was sooooo upset. It was our last home game, it was a sold out game, our team is ranked in the top 10, we were sending off an awesome group of Seniors, and we weren't going to get to go. We were almost back to the house and Wade called and said they had a solution. Of course, we never found the tickets when retracing our steps. Wade gave me his ticket back and our friends Richy and Joanna gave us one of their tickets because they were using Joanna's parents tickets. I felt terrible for Wade and felt like an Indian giver, but the nice guy that he is, he said he couldn't take it when I had just given it to him to start with. I was relieved we got to go but was still upset about the situation. On top of that, I missed getting to see my friend Kristen. The whole way to the stadium I kept saying, what if someone is in our seats because they just found our tickets or they had bought them off some one selling them. We went ahead to our seats instead of Richy and Joanna's and there was no one there and no one ever came with a ticket for our seats. Based on that, I guess the wind just blew them out of my pocket (it was seriously crazy wind!!). I took my little camera to this game instead of snapping pics on my phone and here are a few snapshots from our evening.
U of A
The Marching 'A'
Game Time!
Hogs Win!!!! 49-7!! Woooo Pig Sooie!!!
You can tell by my hair the wind was nuts! It wasn't that cold temperature wise, but the wind made it really cold up where we sit!!
Over all, we had a great day. Now you see why I called this post the Razorback weekend that almost was NOT!

I mentioned not getting to see my friend Kristen, but we lucked out were able to meet up for lunch after church!! Sooooo happy that worked out. Kristen and I have known each other since 6th grade. She took baton lessons and taught me enough to get through tryouts in the 7th grade...since my majorette years went on from there, I am really grateful she taught me enough to get through those first tryouts! :-) We were inseparable for years. She and her family moved to Conway when we were Juniors and over the years we have still managed to see each other every so each others weddings, an ice storm that stranded us in Conway before Christmas, right after the birth of both of her daughters, at a football game last year, a game weekend this year, and hopefully again soon. Plus she got to meet Sara Kate today, yay!
Overall, I guess we've had a pretty good weekend. I'm very thankful for Joanna and Wade for the tickets, and I'm glad I got to see one of my oldest friends. The rest of my day will be quite boring...laundry, grocery shopping, picking up the house, blah, blah, blah. :-) Hope everyone has had a good weekend and has a good week!

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