Sunday, November 20, 2011

Music Videos

I wanted to post a couple of funny videos that I took today of Sara Kate today. I've said it several times before, but the girl loves music. If there is a song on a tv show or movie, she will sit and watch it, she loves to make the music play on any of her toys that have music on them, if she's mad about something we can start singing a song and she gets distracted and can forget what she's mad about, she loves to go to her daddy at church on the piano, she loves to bang on the piano here and home with her daddy...get the picture? Right now we are big into singing 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,' 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider,' 'If You're Happy and You Know It,' and the 'ABC's.' After her nap today, Chris was singing to her and she was dancing around and this is what I caught on video. The quality isn't good because it was pretty dark and I was at a bad angle but it was really cute since she was doing the motions and everything.

Because it was so cute, I thought to myself, lets try and capture this again! So I turned on the light in her room (which is a mess right now so please excuse that!), got at a better angle to record, got Chris to sing again (which he didn't want me to record him singing and my comment was 'you're a choir director!' He didn't realize I was recording the first ya babe!), and this is what happened. Not at all what was in my head (that seems to happen alot). But we definitely got a good laugh from our silly girl!!!

In other weekend events, Chris and I had a lovely date night Friday night. Big thanks to Meme & Poppa for keeping Sara Kate over night at their house!!
Saturday we went to pick up our girl and this is how we found cute are these! I know I posted another picture of her hair like this recently, but it's just too cute for me not to share again. Now if her hair would only grow more on the sides and on top... :-)
Love this girl!
Saturday afternoon we watched a great Razorback game (even though the Hogs beat my alma mater MSU, I was rooting for the Hogs because of the possible national implications...BCS #3!!! Go Hogs!!!!) and went down town to the lighting of the Lights of the Ozarks on the square. We missed the parade and the actual lighting, but we walked around and even ran into Sara Kate's little 'boyfriend' from school (his mom calls Sara Kate his girlfriend...they're buddies...and they did briefly hold cute.). The pictures from Saturday night are on Chris' camera and haven't been uploaded up so I'll share some of those later. It was packed so we didn't stay long. Sara Kate was tired and I think it was another one of those 'sensory overload' events but she did great. Plus I'm sure we'll go back there for more pictures in December. Today was a busy day at church with decorating the sanctuary for Christmas since next week is the first Sunday in Advent. We've been hanging out at home getting a few things done this afternoon/evening and getting ready for a short work week, yay!! Chris has a short inservice Monday and Tuesday and is off on Wednesday. I am working Monday through Wednesday and my parents will be here Wednesday evening...wa-hoo!!
Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

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