Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Michaels family! Unfortunately, we never got a picture of the 3 of us today (very sad about that), but here are the ladies of the Michaels family wishing everyone in blog-land a very Happy Turkey Day!
I'll be honest and say that I had a hard time deciding exactly which of Sara Kate's adorable little fall outfits she would wear for the last time today, but I decided on this little appliqued dress. I think it was mis-sized so I don't think we'll get 2 years use out of it like her pumpkin smocked dress or the pillow case dress her Meme made her last year that she wore this fall. It was like she posed against the wall when I put her there....and she had some crazy hair today.
Sweet little face! She was walking toward my mom and mom snapped her camera.
We spent the day at Chris' parents with his parents, his sister and her family, his grandfather, and my parents. We missed my brother but we look forward to seeing him and Holly at Christmas. It was a great day of being all together. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family and I'm so lucky that Chris' family accepted me and my family long ago. We all get along wonderfully and I feel that is such a blessing. Here are some pictures from our day.
I haven't had any pictures of The Giant Man Baby, also known as Hayden, on the blog lately but here he is! He's 20 lbs at almost 8 months, he's crawling around in an army crawl, he's got this funny dark strip of hair on top of his head that makes an awesome mohawk, and he's just adorable. Oh, and he makes the same funny face all the time. Cracks me up. Sara Kate did pretty good around him today (she tends to not be a fan of younger babies/friends). She was even sweet to him at times. She better be nice to him because he will be bigger than her before we know it!
What's up Home Boy!?!
Sweet hugs! This looks forced but she was actually hugging my neck.
Lunch was around 3 and it was delicious. We had the whole spread. Mom and I made the famous Kauffman Family dressing, a corn casserole (that was a new recipe I found and turned out I wasn't crazy about it), some fruit salad, deviled eggs, and we brought a delicious Red Velvet Cheesecake (we didn't make it...bought it from Sam's but when I saw it in the holiday catalog I couldn't resist!! And it's to die for!!!). Other items on the table were turkey, green bean casserole, potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and rolls. Chris got fancy pictures of the food but they're on his camera and haven't been uploaded.
Sara Kate was enthralled by the turkey carving.
I just knew that Sara Kate would eat a little of everything because there was nothing on the table that she shouldn't like. Boy was I wrong!! She ate a roll, mashed potatoes, and a little turkey. That's it. My child did not eat the famous family dressing!!! It was a little peppery so we will blame that, but she WILL be trying it again at Christmas! :-)

After dinner, football was watched by most, and Sara Kate and Hannah had a ball together. I'm so glad Sara Kate has cousins close by and close in age. I know they will love having each other as they grow up.
And these girls love their Meme! Sara Kate kept signing 'more' and pointing to Meme and to the trampoline asking her to come jump with them. So sweet.
Then Meme started bouncing Sara Kate on this ball, and she LOVED it!!! When it was Hannah's turn, she got so upset. But Hannah was sweet and bounced on the trampoline so Sara Kate could keep bouncing on the ball. She would get bounced, Meme would stop, Sara Kate would sign 'more,' point to the ball, sign 'please,' and she would bounce again.
Then it was dress up time! I love this girl and she seriously cracks me up!
Chris even played dress up with the Hello Kitty rings. Love it.
Hannah decided that everyone had to wear the hat and glasses. Sara Kate wasn't having it and Hayden is too young to care what we do to him, ha!!
Ok, now these next pictures are too funny not to share. Hannah wanted me to wear the hat and she wanted to take my picture...the picture series was absolutely hilarious.
Then she wanted to take my camera and take everyone's picture. We were laughing so hard at her. I supervised but pretty much did it all by herself. Not bad for a 3 and a half year old.
Overall, we had a great Thanksgiving and a great day with our families. Sara Kate was EXHAUSTED by the time we got home. She was exhausted hours ago since she didn't take a nap and she played so hard at Meme & Poppa's. Thanks Bob & Sharon for hosting us all. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to host, including making a turkey, but that would require much more room in my house so maybe we can get out of it for a few more years, ha! :-) Happy Thanksgiving and bring on the Christmas season!!

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