Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mega Recap

*Warning - picture heavy post!!
Since I haven't blogged since before Thanksgiving, this is a super duper recap of what's been going on with us. We had a great Thanksgiving with my family. My grandmother and aunt and uncle from Alabama were able to meet Sara Kate for the first time, which was great, plus we hadn't seen them since last Christmas. I mentioned in my last post that Sara Kate did great on the trip down to El Dorado, and she did great on the way back, too. She got really fussy around Sheridan, but she was hot and the sun was behind us which meant the sun was in her face...not cool! She was fighting sleep, too. I crawled in the backseat and stayed back there the rest of the trip. She eventually fell asleep between Russellville and Clarksville and slept the rest of the trip. Yay!! So we made a 5 hour trip in 5 hours! I was so proud of her. Now for pictures from our trip.
Playing with Gran
My dad smoked the turkey and it was raining so he fashioned this awesome tent over the grill! And yes he has on shorts and a short sleeve the end of November! It was crazy warm down there. A cold front came in with the rain and cooled things off at the end of the week.
The colors down south were pretty!Snuggling with Aunt Michele
Sara Kate, mom, me, and Aunt Michele
Sara Kate's first Thanksgiving - she has mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and our family's famous dressing!! She liked it all!
The grill master chillin' after lunch
The guys playing some Wii
Sara Kate and her great grandmother
4 generations - for some reason we decided to take these pictures at the end of the day when we were all in relaxing clothes and tired looking. Oh well!
4 generations plus one
Hangin' with Uncle Phil
Bath time in the sink - super fun!!
Last week was really crazy, which is why there was no blog post. We/Chris had something every night last week, except Thursday night. Tuesday night was one of Chris' choir concerts. Sara Kate, Chris' mom, and I went (thanks again Meme for your help with the babe!), and Sara Kate did great!! She was a hit with the people sitting behind us. We even saw this lady in Hobby Lobby yesterday and she said, 'there's that cute baby that sat in front of me at the concert.' Aww!
How cute was she at the concert?!?
Daddy showing off his girl
Friday night we went to a show at the Walton Arts Center, 'A Christmas Carol.' It was good, but the ghosts were kind of freaky. But I told Chris that my experience with that story is the Mickey Mouse version with Scrooge McDuck...ha!!
We've spent the rest of the weekend doing Christmas stuff. Yesterday we had lunch and ran errands to get stuff to revamp our tree and pick up a few gifts. For the first time, Sara Kate sat in the cart like a BIG girl when we were at Hobby Lobby!!
Dressed for the holidays!
Time to go finish our decorating. Gotta finish the tree and put up the Nativity. I'll try to post Christmas pictures later this week. I'll leave you with one more picture, of Sara Kate in her new hat...dollar rack at Target...can't beat that!!

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