Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lights of the Ozarks

Downtown Fayetteville is really pretty at Christmas time. There are so many lights...they are everywhere! I heard on the news a year or so ago that the city could no longer afford to keep the Lights of the Ozarks in it's budget so at that time a private donor ponied up the money to keep it going. Pretty cool. We decided that it was time to take Sara Kate and walk around to see the lights. Did we opt to do this the last 2 days when it was a mild 55-60 degrees? Of course not!! We waited until another cold front came through and it was a chilly 35 degrees! Oh well, I guess it could have been worse. She had bad naps today so she was pretty tired and didn't seem super interested, even though we had her sitting in her stroller like a big girl (for only like the second or third time)!
Trying to drive downtown to see the lights is usually crazy with all the traffic so we decided to go at dusk. It worked out perfectly, and we even got a parking spot right on the square.
Sara Kate saw her first camel. Yes, they do camel rides on this guy. You even have to wear a helmet with a Santa hat on top!
Since we didn't do the mall thing, she saw Santa for the first time! She wasn't really interested, but we had to get a picture anyways to document the moment.
What's a carousel without a Razorback?!? :-)
Just goofing around!
Bob and Sharon went with us. It was nice to have a little family time with them.
And it was extra nice to spend a little family time with my little family.
Finally, I'll leave you with a picture of this really cool tree (the green one)!

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