Thursday, December 9, 2010

8 Months

Sara Kate, you are 8 months old!! What have you been up to?
(This onesie is still 3-6 month size...ha! And it's getting harder to take your monthly pictures!)
This looks like you're saying, 'hey guys, look at me!!'
- I'll start with school since I have the last couple of months. It's still going great. Your teachers love you and one teacher even told daddy you are the class clown. Ha! When daddy picked you up the other day, he said you were sitting on the floor with your friends just chatting and cracking each other up. That just sounds so sweet, and I would love to see that one day!
All bundled up on a super cold morning!!
- Food!! You are a fan, if that's not evident from your chunky baby thighs and Buddah belly! To date you've had sweet potatoes (love), butternut squash (triple love!!!), zucchini (like), apples (love), pears (love), peas (do NOT like), green beans (weren't crazy about them by themselves but ate them mixed with a little fruit), cauliflower (liked but it gave you horrible gas), banana (love), mashed potatoes (like), cream corn (like), and dressing (like). Soon I want to try peaches and plums, along with summer squash and carrots. You still nurse when you wake up, get a bottle of breast milk around 10-10:30, eat a fruit and oatmeal around 12-12:30, get a bottle of breast milk around 2:30-3, eat a couple veggies or a veggie and fruit around 6:30, nurse around 7, and get a little top off at bedtime.
- Sleeping a little off lately, ever since Thanksgiving. You were waking up a couple times a night for some reason, but I could normally rock you back to sleep. The last few nights you are back to sleeping through the night. Could be teething, but I read something about a sleep regression stage between 7 and 8 months because babies are learning so much at this age that their brains are just going non stop. Who knows. I sure love when you sleep all night, though!! :-)
- You still are in an off and on teething pattern, but still no teeth. Your Meme said she could see the pockets on the bottom, and it felt like there was more going on up top. A couple weeks before Thanksgiving she said 'maybe you'll have teeth by Thanksgiving.' She has now revised that by saying 'maybe you'll have teeth by Christmas.' :-)
- You really like certain toys and we have toys scattered out in your pack-n-play. Alot of times you sit really well in it and play so happily. Or we will set a blanket out on the floor with toys scattered and you play well. You still really like your activity center, too!
- Obviously, if you are playing unassisted, you are a pro at sitting. Sometimes you topple, but you'll work your way onto your belly or back and just kind of wiggle around. You love to sit on your booty and bounce yourself, too. It's cute. No crawling yet, but Meme has been practicing with you on getting your knees and hips in the right position.
- You are still a chatter box. It cracks me up! I think all your noises is why they call you the class clown at school. You chirp and screech and huff and puff. I think you may be getting close to saying 'dada.' You've added 'tha tha' to your vocabulary, and you still say 'baba' quite a bit.
- You love the dogs!! You just smile and giggle when they come around, and you really want to touch them. Fortunately, Cora is a sweetheart and will let you do about anything to her. Cody is just very curious about you and wants to sniff you and give kisses.

- Depending on the brand, you are in 6-9 month clothes. And you are pretty much between the 6 and 9 month sizes (like Carter's, for example). Your Christmas outfits are 9 months and they are too big, but 6 month stuff (primarily pants) are a little tight and short. Your jammies are all still 6 month, though and they still fit fine.
- You are in size 3 diapers.
- You experienced your first Thanksgiving, and I am so excited about your first Christmas! It's so hard to believe this time last year we had just found out your were a little girl!
Thanksgiving 2010
- You have the most beautiful blue eyes, adorable little blonde wispy hair coming in (you have a quite a bit, it's just so light you can hardly see it), and the most beautiful smile. Of course we are partial, but we think you are such a beautiful baby, and we love you so much!

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