Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Tricks

Hey, ya'll. It's me, Sara Kate. I thought I'd get on here and tell ya'll about a couple new tricks I have learned!! My mom keeps putting the camera in my face to capture these things, and I don't quite understand it, but I guess I will one day. First, I'll start off by saying that I love my feet!
I think they are so interesting. I love to grab them while I'm getting my diaper changed (and mom keeps pushing them down for some reason), or in the tub, or sitting in my chair, and now I learned that I can put them in my mouth!! Mom saw me do it for the first time the other night before I got my bath. I was just laying there hanging out, and she made dad go get the camera and she was snapping away!
Yep, so that's my first trick. I know, I'm so cool!! Now, for trick number 2. I learned how to ROLL!!!! That's right, you read right. It only took me 5 months and 3 weeks to figure that one out. Actually, Meme said I did it for the first time last weekend while mom and dad were watch my favorite team (the Razorbacks) play football. I didn't feel like doing it all week, even though mom and Meme tried to get me to do it again. Last night we were hanging at Meme's house and I decided I'd show off my stuff. It was the first time for mom and dad to see me roll, and mom was so excited and kept clapping and kissing me. Not sure what that's about. I heard Meme say something about maybe it was an accident last week and this week I figured it out. Then of course mom got her phone out to record me rolling.

So that's what I've been up to! Here are a few other cute pictures of me from this week!
So serious, even though I LOVE bath time!!
Before school on Wednesday...
Before school on Thursday...
And before school on Friday!
Guess I better get off here. I'm gonna play with mom for a bit and then have nap time...well at least that's what she told me. Then she said something about going to meet her friend and baby at the mall. Apparently she said I'm gonna be friends with baby Madelyn (she said we are only a month apart). Anyway, until next time, peace out!

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