Friday, October 8, 2010

6 Months Old!!

Sara Kate, you are 6 Months old today!! I can't hardly believe you're half a year old! What have you been up to?
- I said this last month, but going to school has been good for you. They have you on a great schedule! Your teachers even asked me one day recently if you were that routined at home (as far as naps go), and I told they we have to work at it, and that they are the ones who got you in such a great routine. They said that they swaddle you tight, give you a paci, cover your eyes, and you're out like a light! A few weeks ago your teacher Allison told me that you have friends (can't remember if I've written about this before)!! She said that you sit on the floor with your 2 little friends, Grayson and another little girl (who's name has escaped me), and that ya'll just chatter to each other and giggle together. So cute!
(I try to take your picture with my phone before school to send to Gran...)
- You are still only having breast milk, but that will soon change. During the last month your suck has gotten much stronger so you're nursing in half the time, which I love, especially in the mornings! You nurse at 6, you get your morning bottle somewhere between 10 and 10:30, you get your afternoon bottle between 2:30 and 3:15, you nurse sometime between 6:30 and 7:30, and then you get a little top off at bed time. I'll be blogging soon about our adventures in baby food!
- You still sleep great at night, and for this I am soooo grateful. You go to bed between 9 and 9:30, and during the week I wake you up at 6. On the weekend you usually wake anywhere between 6 and 7. You've made it past 7 a few times. Sometimes you wake up during the night or in the early morning and we give you your paci and you fall back asleep. I think you've learned how to put the paci back in your mouth during the night, too (you've gone to sleep without it and when I wake you up in the morning sometimes it's in your mouth and daddy or I didn't give it to you).
- Speaking of the paci, you are loving it right now! You like to pull it in and out of your mouth. And you like to suck on the back side of it. You love your fingers and toes, too!
- You have no teeth in sight yet, and I don't think you're actually teething yet. The only signs we've seen are drooling and sucking/chewing on toys but you've been doing that since last month. You really like your 'Sophie the Giraffe' teething toy.
- You love to 'talk!' In the mornings you are so chatty! When mommy and daddy eat dinner, you sit in your Bumbo, and you're pretty talkative then, too! You like to chirp at the dogs. I love to hear your little laugh...daddy can really get you going! I don't think you've really made any new sounds in the last're still saying 'gee,' 'ha,' 'he,' 'whoa,' and 'bla' (that one may be new recently).
- You still love to 'stand,' and you're close to sitting up by yourself! You are getting to be a pro at the tripod sit, and sometimes you can balance yourself and sit straight up (you can do it briefly on your own). Won't be long!
- You finally learned how to roll!!! Last weekend you started rolling from tummy to left side, and just last night you started rolling from tummy to right side, but only if we block you from rolling left!

- You learned how to blow raspberries and you LOVE to do that!! You are also a sweet girl and have started giving hugs and kisses. We love that. Unfortunately, with the hugs you've discovered hair and you like to grab it (and tug sometimes).
- You are in 3-6 month clothes, or 6 month clothes, depends how the brand has things labeled. Carter's brand fits you great, and Baby Gap items fit you really good, too. I just got you some adorable 6-9 month things from The Children's Place, and the are slightly big but you can wear them now (other 6-9 month items we have still are huge).
- You are still in size 2 diapers, although we may be moving you up soon. You seem to be blowing them out up the back lately. Nice, I know!! :-)
- I wrote this last month, too, but you're such a happy baby. I get such great compliments from people. Your Aunt Laura and Leslie said you were the smiling-est baby they'd ever seen! I love hearing stuff like that! And I love to see that beautiful smile!
- Along with your beautiful smile, you have beautiful eyes! We get lots of comments from people on how pretty they are!
- Like I said when I started this, I can't believe you've been in our lives for half a year. It's been the best 6 months ever, and I have loved every second of being your mommy! I so thankful that God blessed me with you. To borrow a line from Taylor Swift, "You are the best thing, that's ever been mine!"

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