Saturday, October 30, 2010

This Week

I know, I'm so super creative with my titles lately, right?? I have mad skills!! :-)

Another week has passed and another Saturday is here...yes!! Too bad there aren't more than 1 Saturday in a week. Oh well. This week has been pretty uneventful. Sara Kate is still on the 'off' teething cycle...that's what I'll call it...on and off. She's slept great all week, except she woke up one morning at 5:30, but I think that was a hunger wake up. She's taking her morning nap right now and has been down for about an hour. When she wakes up we're headed to the mall to do a little shopping before the Hog game tonight.
Isn't she doing well sitting up?!?
She wore her little Halloween outfits to school this week...gotta get them in one last time! Also, on Friday we were supposed to bring her 'costume' and they played dress up after nap time. They said they got some great pictures of her. She sacked out on the way home! And of course, these pictures are for Aunt Laura (who gave her this cute outfit)!
My little giraffe!! I LOVE giraffe print so when I saw this online, I had to order it. These will make great pajama's this fall and winter when it's cold because they are so soft and warm!
One last thing - we had Sara Kate's 6 month pictures taken yesterday afternoon at Wilson Park. There were actually some really pretty tree's and Beth (our photographer...she did Sara Kate's newborn pictures, too) said they looked pretty with the lighting. Hopefully she got some great shots. We did family pictures too. I saw a little sneak peak of a picture of Sara Kate and Chris, and it was so fantastic! I can't wait to share them on here when we get them back!

And here's one more funny picture from last night. She's hilarious sometimes!

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  1. I can't believe she is sitting up so well already! She is getting so big. I love all of the pictures. She is a cutie!