Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day!

My last post was talking about how it was sunny and 65 degrees, and a week later we are having a snow day!  Yesterday the snow started before we left for church, maybe around 8:30 or so.  Sara Kate was so excited to see snow falling out her window, and she was so excited to wear her smocked snowman dress to church in honor of the snow!  She even wanted to go outside and take a picture with the snow, although it was very light at this point.
By the time our church service was over at 10 the snow was coming down hard.  We had to stay through the traditional service, which turned out to be very abbreviated since the snow was falling hard and accumulating fast.  By the time we left around 11:30, traffic was moving extremely slow and terrible accidents were piling up all around the city.  I saw a tweet that said the Fayetteville city police had worked 15 accidents with another 24 pending.
This was when I was sitting in traffic on the way home from church.  So pretty but so unexpected.
I gotta say, we were fooled by the weather guys about this storm...they said we were only supposed to get a dusting to an inch and we ended up with 6.5 inches at our house by the end of the day when it finally stopped.
Of course my snow princess was ecstatic about the snow.  It was very cold yesterday and snowing so hard we didn't go out and play, but she did want her picture taken in it.
Schools were closed today and my office was closed today (actually I was supposed to be in Little Rock at 9:30 this morning for a training...thank goodness we didn't have to go!!) so we've had a lazy snow day at home.  Sara Kate got her first taste of Lucky Charms cereal this morning, a little snow day treat!  She loved them and kept asking me if she could eat the rainbows (marshmallows), haha!
She watched 'The Bee Movie' and had to put on her ladybug costume and pretend she was a bee.  She flitted around the house saying, "Mommy, I'm a bee!"  Ladybug, bee, whatever you say baby girl!
I had plans for us to go down to the hill by the park and go sledding but it was so cold this morning (4 degrees) we had to wait awhile.  I thought we'd go around noon but the sun came out and it started melting the snow too quickly so we couldn't go sled.  But the snow was perfect snowman building snow!  So that's what we did!!
Love her.
Now for our snowman...
And the finished product!!  He's a pretty cool dude, and in honor of the movie 'Frozen,' I think we'll call him OLAF!  So meet Olaf! :-)
So there's a little glimpse into our snow day.  It's 36 degrees outside now so hopefully we'll be back at work/school tomorrow...although we have another weather system that's supposed to bring freezing rain, sleet, and snow coming in tomorrow so we'll see!

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