Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Hannah!!

I cannot believe my precious niece, Hannah Grace, turned 6 years old today!!  Seems like just yesterday we made 3 (YES 3!) trips to Berryville thinking it was time for her to arrive!  But February 18, 2008, came and she finally arrived!  And she was beautiful, just like we knew she would be!
I knew nothing about babies when she was born.  Holding her for the first time I had to be sitting down!  That's embarrassing to admit, haha!  But I was her cool Aunt Kristen so I figured it out and we became buddies!
And that first year flew by and she turned 1!
Then she turned 2!
And 2 months after she turned 2, Sara Kate arrived.  The day Sara Kate was born, Jenny brought Hannah to visit us in the hospital and she was excited to see us, excited to see the baby that had been in my belly, but she was sure to tell everyone that 'Baby Cake' (she was saying Baby Kate) was Aunt Kristen's baby, not her mommy's!  So sweet.
I never imagined the love that would grow between my Hannah and my Sara Kate.  It absolutely melts my heart.
 Then before we knew it, Hannah turned 3!
Then she turned 4.  And Sara Kate was right there beside her to celebrate.
I can't find any pictures of when Hannah turned 5, probably because Chris was out of town and I was at her party alone, chasing around my almost 3 year old, but we were there! :-)  
And now my once tiny little niece is now 6!!  Sara Kate thinks Hannah walks on water and no one compares to her.  They are the best of friends and it is more than I could of ever of dreamed.  I hope and pray they are always this close!
Happy Birthday precious girl!  Aunt Kristen loves you more than I ever imagined I could!!

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