Sunday, November 3, 2013

Farmland Adventures

Last Saturday we made our annual trip to the corn maze/pumpkin patch.  Last year we went to Ozark Corn Maze (see here), but this year we decided to go back to Farmland Adventures in Springdale.  We went there the first time we went when Sara Kate was 18 months.  Here's our first trip to Farmland Adventures...Sara Kate sure has changed!! :-)  Even looking back at last years post, she has changed so much!!

We went after she woke up from her nap.  She was still kind of out of it on the way there, but she was super excited when we got there.  First we headed into the small corn maze.
She had a blast walking around trying to find the 'right way.'  I love seeing excitement and joy in her eyes!
"Daddy, look!  I found a corn!"
She's such a mama's girl.  Mommy hold my hand.  Mommy hold me.  Mommy this.  Mommy that.  Love her.  I love this picture too. :-)
Daddy the photographer managed to get in a picture too!
After we went through the corn maze, Sara Kate's day REALLY got made when Hannah and Hayden got there!  Jenny, Jason, Hannah, Hayden, Bob, and Sharon all came out and we had a great time with the whole family.  The kids had an amazing time together!
The great thing about Farmland Adventures is there are so many activities for kids that are built into the admission price.  Once we payed the admission price we didn't have to pay for anything, and the kids got to go on pony rides, go through the petting zoo, go on a hay ride and feed some cows, play in a hay maze, play in the corn boxes, and go through the corn mazes.  
Sara Kate loved looking at the animals, and after watching Hannah and Meme she got brave.  She actually fed the goats from her hand!  She's never done this before.  She loves animals but is somewhat stand-offish when it comes to touching them or getting too close (outside of dogs and cats).  So this was a big thing and I was so proud of her!
Hannah was a pro!
After the kids fed the animals, we went on a hay ride.
The funny thing is the hay ride took us into a field where we fed cows tortillas!  I can't say that's something I've ever seen cows eat and I see cows all the time with work!  Hayden wore his as a hat!  He *might* have taken a little taste out of the middle too...haha!
I was mean and teased my cow.  Don't worry, I gave it to her!
After the hay ride, Sara Kate experienced another big first.  She went on a pony ride!!  Shortly after she turned 2 we were somewhere where there were pony rides and she wanted to go on one.  But it was a total disaster.  As soon as she got on and the ponies started moving she started screaming and wanted off.  I quickly took her out of there.  So this was take two and mama was nervous about how she would do!
But I put her on the pony behind Hannah and she did so great.  I know I need to loosen up and not be so uptight about her experiencing new things.  For me, it's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  Exciting because I love seeing her excited and happy about experiencing new things and nerve wracking just because I know how she is (and anyone who knows my child knows what I mean by that!)!  But I loved that she had such a good time.
The kids played some more and we went through the corn maze again before it got too dark.
We ended up spending a little over 3 hours at Farmland Adventures and it was well worth our time and money.  I was so happy we ended up there with family too.  It was a great 'fall experience' for the cousins to have together.  I get so much joy out of seeing them together because they love each other SO much.  I didn't have cousins when I was a kid so I didn't have that kind of bond.  I love that Sara Kate has Hannah and Hayden so close and that they are the best of friends.  I think the corn mazes in our area close today for the season, but if you're in Northwest Arkansas, check out Farmland Adventures next fall!

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