Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ozark Corn Maze

About 2 weeks ago, on a lovely fall afternoon, we made a trip to the Ozark Corn Maze.  This was shortly after Sara Kate's school field trip to the corn maze so she was still talking about 'the corn maze and pumpkin patch (which they didn't have but she insisted on talking about pumpkins).'  We were hoping to go to the pumpkin patch at the Ozark Corn maze but unfortunately we went too late in the season and they were all out of pumpkins.  BUT they had an AMAZING corn maze!!  They had a petting zoo (we went in and Sara Kate acted like she was terrified of the animals...weird!) and wagon ride, but we mainly just focused on the corn maze.
How cool is this?!?
Just like at her school trip, Sara Kate loved running through the maze and getting to decide what direction to go.  She was a very busy girl on a mission!
 I absolutely LOVE everything about this picture!! 
We stayed in the corn maze for probably 45 minutes and tried to walk our way around to the pumpkin patch area but we could never find it.  Eventually we made our way out and had a little fun with a hay bale.
I'm glad we got the opportunity to go since fall is winding down and Chris' work schedule has been really busy lately.  Of course Sara Kate had a blast, and I love 'seasonal' family activities like this and making fun memories!

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