Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy November!  I've got several things to blog about but lets start with Halloween!!

Tuesday when I picked Sara Kate up from school, she said, 'Hey mama!  Ha-ween modow!' (she was saying Halloween is tomorrow).  I said, 'yes it is!'  She was so excited, they must have really talked about it at school that day.  So off and on the rest of the night I would ask her what tomorrow was about she would say, 'Ha-ween modow!'  Wednesday when I went to wake her up and get her ready for school, I said, 'Do you know what today is?'  She thought for a minute and said 'Ha-ween modow?'  I laughed and said, 'no silly, Halloween is today!'  She was so excited, especially when I told her she would have a party at school and she would wear her costume (which she kept calling herself a bumble bee, silly girl!) and we would go trick or treating!  I picked her up from school, we came home and ate dinner, and got dressed to go trick or treating for the first time.  We taught her what she would say and she was very excited.  Until it was time to go.  Then she became very skeptical and unsure.  She walked soooo slow, which is weird because she loves going for walks around the neighborhood.
Eventually she picked up the pace and was excited about getting candy, although she thought she could stop and eat each piece afterwards (don't worry, didn't happen!).  Haha!
When we got to the far side of the neighborhood where there was alot of kids, Sara Kate got really unsure.  She wanted me to hold her and she buried her head in my neck.  We would ring the doorbell, she would peek out, the home owner would say something nice about a cute little lady bug, I would tell her what to say, and she would say 'trit or tree' and hold out her bucket, and then she very happily would smile and say 'thank you!'
Look at the face of this sweet home owner!
Our neighbor had this cute little set up outside...made for a good photo op, haha!
Chris and I had a good time watching Sara Kate experience her first trick-or-treating adventure, and I'm sure she had a good time, too!
As for the candy, we haven't really let her have much.  She doesn't really like chocolate (I know, WHAT?!?), we've learned that she LOVES Smarties (what's not to like?  Pure sugar tabs!  Ha!), and until Friday she didn't know what to do with a sucker ('Mommy, help me get ball off stick!').  Friday afternoon I finally got her to understand that you suck it and don't bite it, and she was so happy! 
Enjoying a treat after lunch today!
And just for fun, here's a look back at our little lady bug from 2011.  Yes, I'm a ghetto mom who made my kid wear the same costume 2 years in a row (it's a 2T that I bought at a consignment shop last year for $7, hoping she would get 2 years use out of it...yay!), but she's 2 so who cares, right?! :-)  The costume fit her a little better this year!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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