Saturday, November 17, 2012

Messing Around

We spent a low key day at home today doing alot of nothing.  I got up and went for a run (4 miles, yay!), but now it fells like I pulled my groin muscle or something in my upper right leg (anyone have experience with this??).  On the way back home I stopped by the most delicious bakery in the world, that would be Rick's Bakery here in NWA, for donuts!  Sara Kate was THRILLED when I got home with donuts, and she happily plowed through 2 glazed donuts in the time it took me to eat 1 cinnamon roll.  And she asked for more.  HAHA!  We had lots of play time after that because she was on a major sugar high!  But in the midst of the sugar high, we had a little photo shoot to show that our little Sara Kate can look equally cute in Razorback red or Mississippi State maroon.  I got my bachelors degree from MSU and my masters degree from the U of A so the annual AR/MSU game is a win-win game for me.  And our Hogs suck big time this year so the Dawgs majorly prevailed.  She looks equally cute in both sets of colors but she needs new outfits in both...both are 18 month sizes from last fall and she's wearing a 2T now.  Hello gift ideas!  :-)
Aside from lots of play time, we spent lots of time today with cameras in hand.  Chris has a very good eye for photography and has a little side business, which I plan to write about soon, but I love taking pictures too.  I post alot of his pictures on my blog.  I always have my iPhone in hand snapping pictures, and for Mothers Day this year he got me a new camera, an Olympus Pen EP-1.  It's nice for many reasons, but one is I can attach different lenses to it.  Today we messed around with attaching his lenses to my camera and he taught me some stuff.  He also taught me a little bit about editing in Lightroom.  So without further ado, here's my 'messing around.'  And yes, she has a bruise on her cheek from falling into something at school.
Thankfully we had a really nice day today and were able to play outside a good bit.  I have always known that good lighting is the first step to a good picture (and the last picture isn't great because it was getting dark).  It's nice to have a photographer in the family (Chris!!) but I like to take decent pictures too.  Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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