Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We have had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.  Wednesday evening my mom and dad and brother and sister in law made it into town.  Sara Kate has been talking about going to Ghee's house for about a week now and we have kept correcting her, telling her that Ghee was coming to her house.  She was so excited when she got home from school and Ghee and Poppa were here!  We had a low key evening that including lots of play and a little prep for our Thanksgiving feast for Thursday.
Thanksgiving day was beautiful!  That morning Phillip and Holly took Sara Kate to the playground, which she absolutely LOVES!  They had a great time and it let us get some things done at the house for lunch. 
I cheated and didn't buy a whole turkey, mainly because I didn't want to be eating turkey for days and days.  I bought an 8 lb. turkey breast and my parents brought up a ham that my dad got from work.  We had turkey breast, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, cream corn, green bean bundles, fruit salad, cranberry, and rolls.  Chris' mom and dad and grandfather joined us and it was just lovely to have everyone together like that.  I didn't think to take pictures of the food and I didn't think to get my big camera out to take pictures at the table.  But this is kind of a cool cell phone pic, in my opinion.  And yes, we are awesome and ate on our glass dinner table pushed up to card tables.  That's what happens when you have a table that seats 4 and have no dining room!
I loved Sara Kate's little fall dress she wore this fall.  Thanks to my friend Karen who I bought it from.  We didn't get any great pictures of her in it because she got cranberry all over it and I had to wash immediately. :-)  And who knew she would like cranberry so much?!  Was a shock to me!
Of course after a big meal and a tryptophan coma comes nap time.  Sara Kate faded fast during lunch since it we were eating during her nap time.  My dad also crashed afterwards.  :-)
After a little visiting, Chris' grandpa had to head back to Bentonville.  We were so glad to have him join us.
My brother's birthday is November 23, which this year fell the day after Thanksgiving.  So for our Thanksgiving desert, we enjoyed a yummy Rick's cake.  Yes, it was a desert making cop out for the holidays, but my family loves these and Rick's always does such a great job.
 Sara Kate is happy to have any excuse to eat cake!
 So glad we could celebrate together!
We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special that night, watched some football, and just enjoyed having everyone here.
Friday we had BIG plans.  It was the last Razorback game of our pitiful football season and the game was in Fayetteville for the first time in many many years.  Too bad they had to move it back on a year which we sucked!  But even during a bad season we love going to our friends house to tailgate and have some fun.  Friday was no exception.
Originally Chris and I were just planning on going to the game, but I ended up not selling Phillip's ticket so he decided to go.  Then Holly decided she wanted to go.  She didn't have a ticket but we were able to buy one on the walk to the stadium.  It was freezing cold and I certainly didn't expect us to stay the whole game, but our Hogs made a game out of it!!  We took #7 LSU down to the wire but in the end our team couldn't pull it out.  There's always next year!!  We love our Hogs!

Saturday we got up, got dressed, and headed to the mall for a little shopping.  
Sara Kate and I came home early so I could get her down for a nap.  We needed her in good form for a photo shoot!  I can't share any pictures now but here's the one sneak peak I can share, one Chris took of my mom and dad.  Love it!
We had a great dinner Saturday night before watching more football...unfortunately our Mississippi State Bulldogs SUCKED and lost to the Ole miss stupid rebel-we-can't-decide-our-mascot-black-bears.  Big bummer.  0-2 for my teams this weekend!

Today we all attended a great church service before everyone had to head out of town.
We are so thankful for both our families and are so glad we had great company all weekend.  I miss my brother and parents dearly when they are away, and I know Sara Kate does too.  She LOVED having everyone here.  Hopefully it won't be too terribly long before we are all together again, but we made great memories this Thanksgiving weekend!  Hope ya'll had a great holiday weekend, too!

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