Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a great Halloween yesterday with our precious little princess!
A couple of months ago we started asking Sara Kate what she wanted to be for Halloween but she didn't get what we were asking, she didn't remember last year, and she would just say random words, which was kind of funny.  But about a month ago we were in Sam's and she saw the costumes so we thought we'd let her choose.  They had several Disney princesses, Minnie Mouse, a doctor, and several others.  It was no surprise to us...she very very excitedly chose Cinderella.  It's her favorite Disney movie at this point, even though she keeps asking me to tell her the story of 'Sleeping Mueny.'  Yes, that is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty, haha!  I managed to hide her costume in the back of her closet while she was very preoccupied with the Veggie Straws she had asked for for two weeks.  The month passed and she never asked for her costume but when someone asked what she was going to be she would say, Cinderella!  Until 2 weeks ago when she started saying she was going to be a witch.  Then it was a Cinderella witch.  She's so silly.  Anyway, Wednesday night I got her costume out to let her try it on for the first time and she was beyond excited.  I got her to go to bed fairly easy by reminding her she had a Halloween party at school, she got to wear her costume, and she got to go Trick or Treating.  Halloween morning she was so excited when she carried her costume into her class and showed her friends, who then showed her all their princess costumes.  When I picked her up that afternoon her teacher told me they had a great party, and she was still excitedly wearing her costume.  We came home and quickly ate dinner before heading out in the neighborhood.  She practiced saying 'trick or treat' and she was ready to go!
As soon as she was headed to the first door she wanted me to go with her.  So I did.  And I prompted her with her words, but she proudly said 'Trick or Treat!'  And then she said, 'Thank you!  Happy Halloween!'
We didn't go around our whole neighborhood but just went around a couple of streets.  She was so excited to 'go to another house' and 'get more cany.'  Yes, she leaves out the 'd' in 'candy.'  It funny.
She got the hang of ringing the bell and waiting, even though she had me standing close by.
Chris and I both LOVE this picture.  She and this dog had quite the stand off as she knocked on the door.  It was so cute.
There was only one time she get freaked out and it was more funny than anything else.  A man opened the door in a Freddy Kruger mask and Sara Kate's mouth dropped open.  And she just stood there with her mouth open.  The man put candy into her bucket and she continued to stand there with her mouth open.  I was laughing so hard.  And I wish I had the camera to capture her expression because it was priceless!!  Overall, she did great and we had so much fun.
When we finished walking around our neighborhood we headed over to Chris' mom and dads to see them.  Last year she helped Meme hand out candy and she did the same thing this year with Meme and Poppa!  She loved Meme's witch hat!  And she was excited to look her her bucket and pick a piece of candy to eat.  She picked a sucker.  Her favorite.
 Overall, our Halloween 2013 was a great success.  There is so much wander and excitement in this 3 year old age, and it's just precious to see!!  And as I suspected, tonight as soon as dinner was over she asked for a sucker and her Halloween costume. :-) 

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