Monday, November 25, 2013

Arkansas vs. Mississippi State

Saturday was my brother's 31st birthday.  It was also Arkansas vs. Mississippi State in Little Rock.  This game has alot of significance for my family because I have my Bachelors degree from MSU and my Masters degree from Arkansas, and Phillip and Holly both have their Bachelors degrees from MSU.  For Phillip's birthday, I got him and Holly and Chris and I tickets to the game.  Arkansas football has been hard to watch this year.  They are pretty bad.  But so is Mississippi State...they had 1 more win than Arkansas.  So this was the Battle for the Bottom of the SEC!  Ha!!  Mom and dad and Chris and I met up in Little Rock Friday night, and Phillip and Holly drove over Saturday morning.  It was an 11:20 kick off so we had breakfast then headed off.
Because I ordered the tickets back in August, I had forgotten where I got seats but they turned out to be pretty sweet.  We were in the end zone but on the 3rd row!  We definitely aren't anywhere near that close in Fayetteville!
I know I post alot of pictures taken by Chris but I think he is so talented and has such a good eye!  He got some great snaps Saturday!
Pregame warm ups
As a former college band nerd and as a former college majorette, I love watching pregame.  We had a very different view of it this time.  I especially loved having one of the feature twirlers right in front of us.
 Game time!  Chris definitely got some awesome pictures during the game!
We had a great time and watched a great game.  Mississippi State ended up on top and that's fine.  Made for a great birthday for my brother!
While we were at the game, my parents took Sara Kate to the Children's Museum of Discovery.  She had a great time and was fast asleep when we got back to the hotel. After she woke up, we went and had dinner before one last birthday surprise.
Sara Kate waited so patiently all day for the 'party.'  'Happy Birthday Uncle Phil!' she said!
We had the famous Rick's Bakery here in Fayetteville make this cake.  They did a great job, based on the picture we took in.  Wonder if they've ever made a cake like that before?!
It was about 8:00 when we left to head back home and 11:00 when we got home.  Sara Kate fell asleep around 9:30 and I managed to transfer her to her room, change her clothes, and put her back to bed with no problems.  And she slept until 7:00 Sunday morning!  

We had a great time with my family, and we certainly hope Phillip had a very Happy Birthday!

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