Sunday, September 29, 2013


What a busy weekend!  It's weekends like this where ya need a weekend to recover from the weekend!  Friday evening we had big fun at George's going to see Pat Green play.  He is awesome and always puts on a super fun show.  My buddy Matt took me to my first show when I was in grad school and since then, I think I've only missed one of his shows and that was right after Sara Kate was born.  I've even turned some friends onto his music!  Its easy to get hooked.  Look him up if you aren't familiar with him!  Anyway, Chris and I went, along with my friends Julie and Erica, one of Erica's friends, and we met up with my friend Peter and one of his friends.  Fun times!  
I know this is a blurry pic but unfortunately it's the only one I got of me and Chris.
Check out Pat!!  We got super close to the stage and even managed to find a guitar pick for Chris!
A big thanks to Chris' parents for keeping Sara Kate over night because we got home pretty late!

Saturday morning Chris had to leave for Little Rock for a school event, which is too bad because he missed out on our fun day.  He left the house at 8:30 and I left the house at 9:00 for Sara Kate's gymnastics class.  After her class, we had a window of time with no plans and the weather was beautiful.  I called my friend Brandy and we ended up meeting her and Landry at the playground so the girls could play.  Perfect!!  Our girls are such sweet little friends and it's so fun to watch them together.  They are almost the same size and they play together so well, it's easy to forget they are a year apart in age.
After playing for a good hour, we had to head home for nap time.  We had a short window of time to get a nap in because Hannah was coming to play!!  Of course a certain someone didn't want to nap so I was a mean mama and played the 'if you don't nap you can't see Hannah' card!  One of these days that trick will back fire on me, ha!  Our Razorbacks were playing Texas A&M, and my sister in law, Jenny, was coming to the game with me since Chris was out of town.  It's fun to spend time together without the kids, which we never get to do, so I was glad she wanted to go.  She brought Hannah with her to spend time with Sara Kate.  Those girls LOVE each other so any time they get to spend together is wonderful!  We dropped them off at Meme's house around 2:30 and headed to tail gate.
Seriously, right after that picture was taken, the bottom fell out!  Rain rain rain!!!!  Pouring rain!!  Raining so hard you couldn't hardly see!  But we pressed on and headed to our friends house for some pre-game fun.  Thankfully I had a pair of RED rain boots in the car that I bought back in April when I went to the Dave Matthews concert and it was supposed to rain.  I figured back then those boots would come in handy.  Sure glad they just HAPPENED to be in the car Saturday! :-)
Thankfully the rain had pushed through by the time the game started so it turned out not too bad...
Until half time, when this weird fog started rolling in over the stadium, the wind changed direction, the temperature dropped, and it started misting rain again.  It got kind of miserable, the cold wet kind of miserable, but our Hogs were playing so well that nobody left!  The stadium was rocking!  We kept it close with the #9 team in the country until the very end, and that's all we could of asked for.  We love our Hogs and will end up back on top one of these days!
Today the cousins had some more play time, as Hannah and Jenny spent the night with us last night.
They were both tearful when it was time to say goodbye after lunch, but we know they'll be together again soon!  The afternoon and evening were lazy, spent doing alot of nothing...mainly just lots of playing inside and outside.
Oh, one more thing to note about the weekend is that Sara Kate somehow ended up with a black eye and we have no idea how!  We asked her what happened and all she says is, 'I fell.'  So who knows!  I'm sure it'll look pretty tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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